Adama’s Warden termiticide offers pest managers a fipronil-based solution for termite treatments.

Four years on from its Australian launch, Warden Residual Termiticide by Adama has a proven record of quality and reliability, with demonstrated effectiveness for the prevention and control of subterranean termites.

Warden is a suspension concentrate formulation of fipronil at 100 g/L and is highly effective against a variety of subterranean termites including species of Coptotermes, Mastotermes and Schedorhinotermes, and provides eight years’ protection.

Our formulation was developed by Peter Vaughan, a formulation and quality control chemist with more than 20 years research and development experience. When developing the Warden formulation, Mr Vaughan had the benefit of using the latest in formulation stabilisation, micronisation and adjuvant technology.

“I was very pleased with how the formulation turned out and the overall quality of the final product,” Mr Vaughan said.

“The advanced formulation technology applied in the production of Warden enabled us to provide a product that we are very confident in, both in terms of quality and efficacy.”

Warden has received excellent feedback from the market, with the quality of the formulation having also been noticed by pest managers, including Chris Hill, from Primary Pest Control in northern NSW.

“Adama gave me Warden termiticide to trial and I was very impressed with the product. The quality was excellent and was very easy to apply and had complete success in the field. I would recommend Warden to anyone,” said Mr Hill.

Warden residual termiticide utilises the most reliable and advanced termite control active ingredient (fipronil) available to the industry. No other chemistry available in the market possesses the same portfolio of benefits that are associated with Warden, which include:

  • Long-term control from a single application for minimal disruption around the home
  • Rapid elimination when treatments are targeted at existing termite colonies
  • A unique mode of action that results in exceptionally efficient up-front as well as long-term control, at low doses
  • An excellent safety profile, which makes fipronil ideal for use around the home.

Fipronil is a trusted reliable technology that has been the benchmark in termite control worldwide since the 90s. Since its introduction, fipronil has remained the most widely used termiticide in the US, Europe and Australia.

Studies have shown fipronil will bind to the soil and remain there for many years, ensuring a protective treatment zone established during the initial application will remain in place and active over the long term. Termites attempting to enter the structure through the soil will pass through this treated zone and pick up particles of fipronil, passing them onto fellow termites before dying.

Warden controls termites through both contact and ingestion, and through a mode of action with a much higher affinity with insect pests than it does for mammals. When used in accordance with the label, Warden is selective to the target pest, and safe for people, dogs and cats.

Peter Kirby, Adama National Manager for Professional and Consumer Products