In memory of Peter Lamond, a key figure in our industry who passed away in late 2016. 

Last month, Peter Lamond, one of the characters and stalwarts of the pest control industry, passed away. With over 40 years in the industry with Rentokil and Flick many would have known Peter, and such is the high regard he was held in, we could have got testimonials from any number of people. For those who did not have the pleasure of knowing Peter, his character and work ethic were something that all in the industry should aspire. Hopefully we have done him justice with these reflections.

“He was an absolutely champion guy, no doubt about it,” said Neville Bendall – Neville and Peter worked together as technical managers
at Flick.

“On the face of it, Peter appeared a quiet person and somewhat understated. But he had this incredible sense of humour, that could lighten the most serious situation,” commentedPeter Meadows, long time work colleague and friend.

Coupled with his in depth pest control knowledge and love of problem solving Peter had exceptional customer service skills.

“For Peter, helping customers solve their problems was a commitment he took seriously, not only because he felt it very important to ensure that the company he worked for delivered the best service and results, but out of a genuine desire to help,” said Mr Meadows.

“Certainly he had a great rapport with clients. Not only did he listen to their concerns, but he put them at ease with his expert knowledge and humour to lighten any predicament.”

Peter was a loyal, trustworthy friend and colleague. For many years “he was Peter Meadows ‘right-hand man’,” reflected Mr Bendall. As Mr Meadows himself commented, “I could rely on Peter to do the job, as ifI had done it myself.”

Although Peter may not have always agreed with the decisions of the businesses he worked for, his unwavering commitment to help their customers solve their pest control problems probably stemmed from his belief that “he felt being in pest control was incredibly important for the community.”

His support for the pest control industry led to his involvement in pest control training at TAFE for many years. Passing on his knowledge
and emphasising the importance of customers service was his way of improving the quality of the next generation of pest controllers.

“Peter loved to deal with trainees. He instilled in them the need to be ‘nice guys’ – excellent in customer service. Customer services, especially being patient with customers, can often be more important than knowledge. After all, we are a service industry,” recalled Robin Drew, who taught with Peter at TAFE NSW.

“He was very happy working in pest control – loved problem solving and helping people. He loved getting stuff for free, but probably no one did more for free than Peter.”

Peter’s knowledge and unique sense of humour made him a popular speaker at industry events. He had an incredible repertoire of anecdotes. Peter often used real life examples of poor decisions in pest control treatments to highlight learning points. Many will recall his description of the un-named technicians making the mistakes – “knuckleheads”.

As much as he was dedicated to his work, he loved the Dragons and his family, especially his mother. His writing skills and wit also led him to write children’s books. His dedication to Peter Meadows in the front of a children’s book given as gift, best summarises his outlook on life.