Ensystex founder David Nimocks III has sadly passed away.

David Nimocks III, founder of Ensystex and former president of the Terminix Company of North Carolina, died on August 13, aged 64 years. He is survived by his wife, Jayne Lynne, three children and six grandchildren, as well as his father and three sisters.

Mr Nimocks was a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina and graduated from North Carolina State University in 1976. He was born into pest control as a third-generation pest manager and was instrumental in growing the Terminix Company of North Carolina into one of Terminix USA’s largest, independently owned franchises; and one of the largest pest control companies in the USA.

Mr Nimocks went on to found Ensystex in 1994, where he developed what would later become the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System. This was first launched in the USA in 1998, and subsequently in all the leading termite markets globally. Exterra has protected hundreds of thousands of homes and properties across the world and remains Ensystex’s flagship product.

Ensystex grew to become one of the leading global players in the supply of innovative pest management solutions for pest professionals. Mr Nimock’s great love, after his family, was Ensystex, and he relinquished all his former roles to focus on the global Ensystex brand.

His three sons Ray, Josh and Tyler said in a joint statement, “Dad taught us the importance of taking care of people: employees and customers alike. Ensystex was born out of Dad’s desire to provide pest controllers competitively priced, premium quality products while also providing willing and friendly support. He instilled these ideals in us, and they will always be at the core of the Ensystex mission.”

Ensystex regional director, Steve Broadbent, who has worked with Mr Nimocks and Ensystex since 2000 and who was his first overseas employee, recalls him as an intensely smart and courageous leader.

“David was always looking for better ways to do business, for innovative solutions. He was a man of great foresight, always prepared to take a risk to grow the business globally. Today, whilst the US business remains our largest operational unit, more than 72% of our revenue is generated from our international businesses. I learnt so much working with David over 18 years, and it is a tremendous loss. David was more than a ‘boss’, he was a mentor, colleague, friend and confidante, who ensured everyone felt part of the Ensystex family.”

“David will be greatly missed, but at the same time, he has created a global business, with operations in more than 26 countries; an entity that is bigger than any one of us.”

“Despite our size, we all still feel part of David’s Ensystex family, and that is surely David’s greatest legacy. In turn, under the guidance of Ray, Josh and Tyler, who have grown up in the business, our commitment to David’s memory is to continue to grow and innovate the Ensystex brand. I know each of them look forward to their children also becoming part of our Ensystex family as we continue our growth and commitment to professional pest managers the world over.”