US Pest Industry Exceeds $11 Billion

The US pest control industry is showing continued resilience after a challenging few years.

The US pest control industry has grown 6% in the last two years, generating a total revenue of over US$11 billion, according to the latest report from Specialty Consultants.

The report, ‘A Strategic Analysis of the US Structural Pest Control Industry’, reported that rodent control work accounted for nearly 10% of all revenue earned, an increase of 13% since 2021. Meanwhile, revenue from cockroach work was greater than that for controlling ants for the first time in more than ten years. The only major pest showing a decline in revenue was bed bugs.

Staffing challenges appear to be a global issue in the pest industry, with nearly two in five business owners or managers surveyed reported having an insufficient number of techs. Industry growth may have been greater if more technicians were available for hire.

Despite staffing challenges, the residential segment expanded as pest control operators passed along price increases to their customers. The commercial segment showed similar growth, bouncing back after Covid impacts. Overall, the picture is a positive one and welcome news for the industry globally.