Termseal offer a range of solutions for protecting properties against termite ingress.

Many companies in the termite protection marketplace essentially offer one product to fit the myriad of situations that different types of constructions present. This can be restrictive and inconvenient to installers.

Restrictive, in that one product cannot cover all the use situations and when installers try to adapt a product for use in less-than-ideal situations, it can result in poorly adapted barriers that offer little or no long-term protection.

Inconvenient, in that to provide termite protection services to cover all use situations, they need to access products from two or more suppliers.

In contrast, TERM-seal Termite Management Systems is a range of patented coatings, sealants and barrier system products that allow installers to access a range of products that covers all potential construction scenarios. Installers also benefit from local support as all products are designed and manufactured in Australia by TERM-seal, a 100% Australian owned company.

The range of TERM-seal products allows installers to plan an installation using the correct choice of products, designed for specific use situations, to create an effective and complete termite protection system.

But the real power in the TERM-seal products is the flexibility in use. As installers know, builder errors (by mistake or design) often require termite protection to be installed after construction is underway. The flexibility of the TERM-seal system is that products can be utilised to create an effective termite protection system after the ‘construction error’, to ensure the building still meets standards.

Key features of the TERM-seal system

TERM-seal termite barrier products provide termite and moisture proofing solutions that last the lifetime of the building and are friendly to the environment. There are no nasty residue reactions and no costly re-treatments are required.

The TERM-seal range consists of two sheet materials, a multi-purpose active paint-on coating, sealant active adhesive and plastic penetration collars for underslab, perimeter and penetration protection.

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Shield TWB (main picture, above) is a unique, tri-layer sheet barrier used to form a continuous waterproof and termite resistant barrier around the cavity perimeter and construction joints of new slab-on-ground structures.

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Shield TWB contains bifenthrin and has been tested by CSIRO for use as a termite/damp course barrier combination for installation across cavities, or as a termite/vapour barrier combination for full under-slab installation.

Importantly, this barrier possesses all the benefits of chemical protection without any residual, environmental or dermatological impact. The active properties cannot leech or be washed away (in the case of a flood) from the barrier. Once installed, the barrier requires no costly ongoing re- treatments, provides lifetime protection and comes with a building 50-year product warranty.

TERM-seal PRM Active (poly reinforced membrane) is a specialised termite and waterproof sheeting containing bifenthrin. Manufactured to meet the requirements of AS/ NZS 4347.6 and A.S.3660.1-2014, this sheeting doubles as a damp course over masonry and has been tested by the CSIRO as suitable for a damp course.

TERM-seal PRM Active poly reinforced membrane is a specialised termite and waterproof sheeting which doubles as a damp course over masonry

TERM-seal have also developed a number of unique products that bring flexibility to the TERM-seal range.

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Major is a two-component polyurethane settable foam, specifically engineered for use in building situations to fill gaps, fissures and cavities. Containing the active control agent bifenthrin, which kills and repels termites, TERM-seal Ura-Fen Major is dispensed as a two- part liquid that undergoes an exothermic reaction to create a settable, termite resistant and waterproof barrier. When combined with TERM-seal PRM Active, TERM-seal Sealant Active and TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active create the perfect full block barrier, completely filling the cavity below the damp-course.

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Major polyurethane settable foam is used to fill gaps and cavities

TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active Coating is a highly engineered acrylic polymer which forms a seamless, flexible, termite resistant and waterproof membrane. Applications include back filled walls, internal walls, construction joints and more.

When used in conjunction with TERM-seal Reo-Band, waterproofing that is inclusive of hydrostatic water pressure can be achieved.

TERM-seal’s range of sealants, coatings and adhesives, when used in combination, strengthen and protect construction joints. Their advanced formulations provide flexibility to handle building movement and incorporate bifenthrin for termite repellency.

TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active Coating applications include back filled walls, internal walls, and construction joints

CodeMark certification

TERM-seal‘s CodeMark certification program ensures continuity in manufacture, so that accredited installers and their clients are provided with quality products that are to be used in accordance to the installation methods outlined in the training manuals and modules.

Support and accreditation

The versatility of TERM-seal products enables accredited installers to provide effective termite protection or rectify problems for every conceivable construction scenario. TERM-seal provide highly professional, technical and sales support to back up their products.

TERM-seal conducts regular accreditation and training days for pest industry professionals. Pest managers should contact TERM-seal directly to attend an accreditation day and join their national network of accredited installers.