Some termites can not only evict a dog from its kennel but can even withstand a dusting application too! 

When the termites fight back!

We all know Mastotermes is the biggest and most voracious termite in Australia. Jacob Jackson, from Flick Pest Control in Darwin, knew he had a battle on his hands when one particular soldier took exception to a dusting treatment.

One Mastotermes soldier wouldn’t go quietly

Nasutitermes nests

The nests of Nasutitermes spp tend to be amongst the easiest to locate. There was no chance of Leanne Sellers from South Coast Pest Control in Shelharbour, NSW missing these!

Leanne Sellers couldn’t miss this Nasutitermes nest

“They are the biggest I’ve ever seen and I use to see quite a few down at my farm at Neriga. These are just down the road from where I live, at my favourite beach behind the surf club (which has some issues as you could imagine).”

Another Nasutitermes nest, on the large side

Andy Thomas (Envirodog, Adelaide, SA) took this photo in the Adelaide Hills two years ago. Amusing, as he is a termite detection dog handler!

Andy Thomas believes Milo found a new home