Termite Professional Conference – A Unique Learning Experience

The inaugural Termite Professional Conference in July is a truly unique opportunity for pest managers to hear from renowned experts in their field. 

With the inaugural Termite Professional Conference only four months away, pest managers should be booking their place for this unique learning experience. Conference spaces are limited and as it takes place during the winter school holidays, accommodation is also booking up – both reasons why pest managers should act now. But why should pest managers attend the Termite Professional Conference?

“If you’re a termite professional this really is a must,” said Dr Phil Ridley, director at BD Publications who are hosting the conference. “We’re really pleased to have the leading termite researchers from Australia, as well as a visiting researcher from the US, to share their expertise. To have these termite researchers at the one event is a one-off.

“Having these individuals along with leading industry experts means delegates can be assured they’ll be getting the very latest information on termite biology, behaviour and termite management techniques, to improve their termite services and make sure their businesses are protected in this increasingly litigious world.”

Day one of the conference is focused on termite biology and behaviour, whilst day two is focused on termite management.


Leading Australian termite researchers

Ass. Professor Theo Evans, who may be known to some pest managers, and Professor Nathan Lo are the two leading termite researchers in Australia. To have them present and then participate in a Q&A panel at the end of day one is a unique opportunity for pest managers to pick the brains of experts at the forefront of termite research.


Theo Evans, Associate Professor
  Theo Evans, Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences Institute of Agriculture, The University of Western Australia


Nathan Lo, Professor of Evolutionary Biology
Nathan Lo, Professor of
Evolutionary Biology
School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney


Add Scott Kleinschmidt, presenting on timber susceptibility to termites, along with presentations on termite nests and drywood termites, and it’s a program that will provide termite professionals with an improved understanding of termite biology and behaviour. This knowledge will be hugely helpful in interpreting and investigating termite activity in the field.


Scott Kleinschmidt
Scott Kleinschmidt,
Director, Australian Timber & Pest Research
Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia

Learning about termite biology and understanding control methods

It is a particular privilege to have Ass. Professor Thomas Chouvenc from the University of Florida included in the conference line-up. Although Ass. Prof Chouvenc has a very broad termite research program, he has a particular interest in colony reproduction and development, and how termite baits are processed within termite colonies. Ass. Prof Chouvenc is well known for his industry training courses in the US and he brings a modified and shortened version of his termite training course to the conference.


Thomas Chouvenc, Assistant Professor in Urban Entomology
Thomas Chouvenc, Assistant Professor in Urban Entomology Ft Lauderdale Research and Education Center, University of Florida, USA


To start day one, he will cover the basics of the termite life cycle, moulting process, colony growth and foraging (with a particular focus on Coptotermes). This will be great for all delegates to ensure everyone is grounded; great for newbies, but also for experienced professionals to check their knowledge base. On day two, he will take these learnings and discuss how this influences the choice of termite management techniques on both an individual contract basis and for area-wide termite management.


Termite management skills that will grow and protect your business

In this increasingly litigious world, making sure pest managers deliver excellence in termite inspections and treatments is essential for delivering the best possible results for the customer and for protecting the business from potential legal action. Day two of the conference will provide talks on a range of practical termite management subjects including choice of termite control method, application of soil treatments, thermal imaging cameras and more. By popular request there is also a session on avoiding claims with termite inspections and termite treatments – a session that includes presentations, but also allows for valuable Q&A time.


Other activities

Of course, there are lots of great add-ons to the conference, including the trade exhibit and Women in Pest Management (WIPM) breakfast. Tickets for the breakfast event are free for delegates but need to be booked online here in advance. The WIPM committee is also hosting a day trip into the hinterland for partners who aren’t attending the talks. Of course, there are plenty of social and networking opportunities, including the gala dinner, which includes the Pest Technician of the Year Award and WIPM Recognition Awards, along with some great entertainment.

Taking place during the winter school holidays on the beautiful Sunshine Coast also means the conference can be combined with a bit of R&R.


Discounted registration option

Although the early bird discount has now finished, delegates can get a reduced registration fee if they are a paid subscriber to Professional Pest Manager magazine. If you’re not currently a paid subscriber, use the coupon code (TPCDiscount) when signing up to a full paid subscription to get a discounted first year subscription for $45 (instead of $75), which when combined with the members’ discount price of $450, allows delegates to register for the conference at the same effective price as the early bird discount.

Paid subscribers to the magazine also get their company listed on the company directory on professionalpestmanager.com. Even if you only get one job a year from the directory, the subscription has already paid for itself!


Day registrations

Day registrations are now available for one or both days @ $195/day. This is a great option for any pest manager who doesn’t want to attend the whole conference or wants to avoid the expense of overnight accommodation. It will also be of particular interest to business owners who may want to send more than one technician. Even for pest control companies on the Gold Coast, with a two-hour drive time, this is still a practical option to attend this unique training event.

Dr Ridley commented, “The Termite Professional Conference is just one of the educational events Professional Pest Manager magazine have planned, so there’s no guarantee the Termite Professional Conference will become an annual event.

“There is no other two-day event that is dedicated to the subject of termites in this level of detail… so now’s the time to reserve your spot for this uniquely valuable opportunity!”