Termatrix from Sherwood is a flexible termite management system that has seen improvements to bait formulation and the bait station hardware in the last three years. 

It’s been more than 15 years since the first generation termite management systems pioneered termite baiting in the Australian market. These systems presented a paradigm shift in the management and control of termites together with a profitable business model that significantly raised the value of termite control at the homeowner level. However, it soon became apparent to professionals that these first generation bait systems had a variety of challenges and lacked flexibility.

In 2012 Sherwood Chemicals launched the TermatriX Termite Management System to the Australian professional pest market. The system was designed for professional pest managers requesting a components based termite system that was easy to install and service, had no contractual ongoing fees or royalties, contained a matrix of attractive cellulose food sources, and most importantly, created a non-invasive business model for experienced professionals to adapt the offering to their local business environment.

It has been three years since the launch of TermatriX, and thanks to tremendous support and feedback, Sherwood has continued to invest in improvements to the system. These include enhanced stimulants to the bait matrix to improve palatability and consumption, adjustments to the in-ground station components to reduce time in the setup and inspection, and a number of new tools to ensure TermatriX remains professional, flexible and convenient to use.

The Sherwood support team will be offering training courses up until the end of August this year to help pest managers learn more about the new changes to the TermatriX system and the pipeline of new products Sherwood are developing. Pest managers in QLD, NSW and VIC should get in contact with Elton Arderne, while those in WA, SA and NT should make contact with John Ralph to register their interest. Alternatively, pest managers can make contact with their Globe Pest Solutions representative.

By attending a TermatriX training seminar, pest managers will be rewarded with inclusion in the Accredited Installers list on the TermatriX website.