WaspJet Pro aerosol allows pest managers to deliver rapid knockdown and elimination of wasps.

With any pest control treatment, safety should be the number one priority. Never is it more important than when dealing with wasps. Not only do the stings present an obvious safety concern but also nests built near electrical circuits create additional issues.

The new WaspJet Pro aerosol from Sumitomo utilises a unique formulation that delivers maximum performance with a safety profile that allows its use in a wide range of situations.

Charles McClintock, Sumitomo business manager, commented on the formulation. “Many of the wasp aerosols on the market use the same combination of actives. WaspJet Pro utilises a unique combination of actives at concentrations two times greater than other commercial products. Coupled with the high product output, it means that nests are coated with product in an instant and the wasps are immobilised in their nest. With its spray range of up to 6m, it means pest professionals can tackle wasp nests without being stung.

WaspJet Pro

“Although WaspJet Pro has been tested on paper wasps and European Wasps, its real strength is in dealing with exposed nests, where a successful treatment can be carried out in seconds. For European wasp nests in the ground, alternative techniques should be used.”

Bogdan Kolev of Preventative Pest Management in Sydney has recently started using Sumitomo Wasp Jet Pro and has found it an invaluable tool, especially on commercial jobs. “During regular servicing of commercial buildings, we commonly encounter paper wasp nests. With WaspJet Pro, we can do a quick spray and it barely interrupts our inspection. It takes three seconds to treat a nest and with its instant action we can then remove the nest on the spot. It’s just so quick and convenient”.

Paper wasp nest

Mr McClintock continued, “As we all know, it’s not uncommon for wasps to build their nests near electrical installations. With this in mind, we developed a formulation with low electrical conductivity utilising a combination of carbon dioxide propellant and suitable solvents. Although we don’t advocate direct spraying of electrical areas, any accidental spraying should not cause issues.

“The combination of performance and safety profile certainly allows pest professional to tackle wasp nests with confidence. With its high power, high output jet and instant action, it delivers impressive results and is perhaps the most enjoyable pest product to use on the market!”