Syngenta’s third international forum event was a great opportunity for Syngenta representatives around the globe to come together to celebrate the company’s success and look to the future ahead.

Late 2014 saw the 3rd International Syngenta Pest Management Forum in San Francisco USA. This global meeting included Syngenta delegates from all over the globe, reinforcing Syngenta’s commitment to leadership in the pest management industry. Syngenta PPM representatives from the USA, South America, Europe and Asia attended with the Asia Pacific region well represented with delegates from Australia, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

The meeting was a chance for Syngenta business leaders and development specialists to discuss and share knowledge gained from different regions around the world. There were numerous presentations about the success of Altriset around the globe and the many new countries where the product is being registered. The support for Altriset continues to grow with sales increasing, a continued investment in research, and the introduction of Altriset to more markets.

Syngenta was joined for a number of presentations by external partners representing the USA food safety industry, leaders in commercial pest management, and the NPMA. Andy Bywater, global head of pest management based in Basel, Switzerland, spoke at the meeting and emphasised how important it was to have customers and industry partners sharing experiences, to create a global pest management business that develops products and services that will deliver value for pest managers.

Exciting news for Syngenta Pest Management is the large number of new products and services that are in the pipeline for development over the next couple of years. We will see a number of these initiatives registered in Australia and New Zealand.

Braydon Wynch, head of Syngenta L&G APAC (Asia Pacific region), mentioned, “It is extremely important for ANZ to be represented in these global meetings as it allows the local team to make plans to expedite the delivery of new products and bring innovation into the Australian and New Zealand pest management industries quickly and efficiently.”