Sumitomo Chemical likes to stay in touch with pest managers via a regular e-newsletter and through offering online training opportunities. 

For Sumitomo Chemical Australia, delivering ‘Creative Pest Solutions’ is not just about delivering novel pest control products; it’s a philosophy they apply to all aspects of their business.

Online training

Attending training opportunities is a big challenge for pest managers. Finding the opportunity to take time out of the business is difficult enough, but if you work outside the major cities, attending a traditional training session is often impossible.

For the past six months Sumitomo have been running a series of online training webinars to allow pest managers to become accredited users of the Xterm termite monitoring and baiting system and have their company listed on the Xterm web site.

“These webinars are highly interactive. Participants can view the presentation and see the presenter at the same time and have the opportunity to ask questions verbally or by typing in the chat room resulting in a rewarding process for those concerned,” said Charles McClintock, Sumitomo business development manager environmental health.

“With around 300 attendees having completed the online training to date, the feedback has been fantastic. The training not only covers information on Xterm and how to get optimal performance, but we also present and discuss the latest information on baiting technology and termite biology, which even the seasoned professionals have found useful. But perhaps the best feedback we have had relates to the opportunity and experience the webinars provide.

“Pest managers can join the webinar from their home or office at a time that suits, and for those pest managers in regional or remote areas it is often the first training they have been able to join. All of which means happy customers.”

Sumitomo have chosen a system that is easy to use, even for inexperienced computer users. All that is needed to join a webinar is a reasonable internet connection and a monitor with speakers. Sumitomo release new training dates each month, simply click on the session you wish to attend, complete the registration process and you will receive the simple instructions to join the webinar. If you wish to receive these monthly training dates, send an email to Charles McClintock or sign up to the Sumitomo e-newsletter (Pro Pest E-News).


Pest professionals always like to keep up to date with the latest news. But everyone is time poor and it can be difficult to take time to search for the latest developments and read an in depth article on a particular subject.

Sumitomo have recently started publishing an electronic newsletter titled Sumitomo Pro Pest E-News. Garry Webb, Sumitomo general manager environmental health commented, “The purpose of the newsletter is to provide pest managers with a selection of the latest news and scientific discoveries from the world of pest management and provide it in a format that can be consumed in less than five minutes. Of course we cover the latest updates and control tips on Xterm termite bait and information on other Sumitomo products, but we also provide a range of articles of interest to all pest managers (not just Sumitomo customers). The monthly newsletter often includes articles on termite behaviour and control, articles on general insect pests and interesting pest snippets from around the world.”

The newsletter also contains a link to register for upcoming Xterm online training courses as well as the latest offers from Sumitomo.

Sumitomo Pro Pest E-News is a good supplementary information source for professional pest managers. Register here to sign up for this monthly newsletter (whether you’re a Sumitomo customer or not) or send an email to Charles McClintock.