Steve Wassenaar of Austates Pest Equipment explains why a custom spray rig setup allows for maximum efficiency on the job.

A well-designed vehicle spray unit is your gateway to a better working day. Designed specifically for your needs and the areas of pest control that you specialise in, they help you work faster and smarter by maximising your time.

Customising your tools

Trying to fit all your assorted pest control equipment in the back of your ute is usually a real pain. Your hose reel gets in the way of your spray tank, your pump’s wedged into a tight corner, and your nozzles and spray guns are floating around higgledy-piggledy (we all know one mate like this, right?).

Designing a ute canopy or spray set up should take into consideration the hoses, tanks, ladders, and other gear you need. For those engaged in weed control as well as pest management, a retractable hose reel conveniently stored under a locked canopy might work best. Is there need to regularly alternate between repellent and non-repellent pesticides? Then fitting a dual tank setup in the minimum amount of space can save time on every job. One thing is for certain: there’s a custom solution available for everyone.

Convenient setup

Your spray unit should be laid out according to what you use. Knowing exactly where your injector is, and all its attachments, removes one daily hassle that no pest manager needs. With the right advice, it’s possible to have a sensible layout that includes everything such as drawers, dividers, and secure compartments. This means your gear is within reach at all times.

The convenience of a well thought-out vehicle cannot be understated. John Tysoe of Black & White Pest Control in Brisbane, is one pest manager who saved both time and energy with his new rig. “During the time that we have dealt with Austates, we must have bought some of virtually every product that they have made or sold. Many of these products have been innovative, time saving and user friendly in the process in our work,” said Mr Tysoe.

Safety and compliance

One of the most important considerations, besides workflow, is compliance. Every vehicle spray unit must be able to safely and securely store pesticides while keeping them separate from your vehicle cabin. For this, we’ve found it best to use sturdy lockable storage boxes – as many as you need – complete with shelving, to meet your state’s compliance standards, which will generally include the following conditions:

Secure: Pest control vehicles must be able to prevent spillage during transit. This means having sturdy tanks that are firmly strapped down, and locks on the ute to prevent unauthorised access.

Clean: The area where pesticides are stored must be resistant to the chemical itself. This prevents harmful substance build up.

Safe: Do most pest managers have a spill kit on hand at all times? Possibly not, but they should. Make sure to keep it updated to the type, and also the amount, of chemicals you are carrying.

Signage: It’s not just for branding – a pest control vehicle must have appropriate signage to inform others that chemicals are carried on board.

Each spray unit is customised with the best equipment and layout for the job

Made by local experts

There’s only a few of us, like the team at Austates, that have been making vehicle spray units for so long we’ve just about seen it all. Even so, there’s always one of you crafty pest managers who comes to us with a new sketch of how you want your ute laid out. And that’s the beauty of it; you don’t have to be tied to how everyone else is doing it. If you know what you like, or have a major issue with your workflow, then we can help you build it the way you like.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle spray unit, don’t forget to talk to your accountant. The current ‘instant’ depreciation of assets benefit was extended for the 2017-18 financial year, meaning pest managers might be able to claim some extra money back at tax time.

Steve WassenaarAustates Pest Equipment