Long-time pest manager Neil Younger has been impressed with Sherwood Chemicals’ response to customer feedback, which has led to improvements in Sherwood’s product formulation and packaging. 

Neil Younger Pest Control (NYPC) is a Newcastle based, family owned and operated business that has been servicing the Mid North Coast to Sydney region for over 35 years, specialising in domestic and commercial pest control.

With a team of specialist staff led by Neil Younger (pictured above, right), the current head teacher of Pest Control for TAFE in the Hunter region, NYPC is at the forefront of assessing and incorporating the latest developments in technology, chemicals, Australian Standards and pest management techniques.

“In the past few years I have stepped back from the day to day operations of the business and handed this over to my son Karl who is the current general manager,” said Mr Younger.

“As a business founder you can become trapped in day to day issues and lose sight of the big picture which is to continually improve your service offering by delivering better value to your customers.

“My association with Sherwood Chemicals began in 2010 when I trialled Sherwood’s Chaindrite Extra aerosol. I was impressed with the flushing action and performance, but told John Ralph from Sherwood that they had to do something about the smell!

“Normally when I make suggestions to other manufacturers they seem to fall on deaf ears, however what impressed me about Sherwood was that they were straight onto it and sent me out a carton of re-formulated Chaindrite Extra, which was basically odourless, and also had a new spray-through nozzle, which was perfect.

“I thought here is a company that is keen for my business and is prepared to listen to what I want, so I decided to give their Biforce Aqua a trial. I did not have to suggest any changes to this formulation as it was equivalent to Biflex Aqua, and after my first visit to the formulation facility of Sherwood in 2013 I can now see what makes this company different.

“The formulation facility is state of the art in terms of equipment and its formulation laboratory is very impressive to say the least. This is no great surprise once you understand that the management experience behind Sherwood was the former management team of Shell Thailand’s household chemicals division. However, what I enjoyed most about the trips to the facility is speaking to their chemists and engineers about formulation technology and understanding how formulations play a significant role in the consistent treatment results we get within our business.

“Over the past three years we have switched our range of general pest and termite products from the multinational products to Sherwood’s range. The results speak for themselves and the support we are provided has never been better. When was the last time you spoke to a representative of a supplier and were promised something or were told that this is how something should be done? When I speak to Sherwood, they listen!”

Mr Younger concluded by saying, “I am in regular contact with the team from Sherwood and have made it an annual appointment to visit the formulation conference held in Bangkok each July. I am excited with the range of new formulation chemistry they are developing specifically for the professional pest market in Australia and it is refreshing to finally have a company that listens to feedback.”