Winter is the ideal time to make the most of the networking opportunities on offer, including this year’s Rapids EduCON event. 

As winter sets in, the phone calls slow down and our focus changes; we start to review our businesses, look to maintain our equipment, get stuck into some training and plan the upcoming season.

The platforms to springboard these endeavours are now plentiful and at a higher quality than ever before. From the roadshows and breakfast sessions to the annual conference this year held by Rapids on the Gold Coast, nothing stokes the fire more than being with colleagues and friends with a common interest. I highly recommend getting to as many of these industry events as possible and most certainly to the Gold Coast. Here you can not only learn, but recharge your batteries at the same time.

As always, the Pest Manager of the Year Award will once again be presented at the BASF sponsored gala dinner. This is always a highlight of the conference for me – seeing people push themselves to be the very best they can be inspires me. Nominations are currently open and I encourage anyone that wants to get the best out of themselves and be recognised for their hard work to take the step and make a submission. The journey will only result in you improving yourself and your business.

The work on our industry Codes of Practice continues to bubble away by the countless volunteers involved. As well as maintaining the completed Codes, final touches are being made to Codes that will soon be released, such as those regarding rodent control and industry training. The Codes developed for termites (endorsed by the ACCC) will soon have compliant paperwork available for use, which will give you a way to offer your end client value. Head to the AEPMA website and download copies of the Codes and start to use them as your reference documents.

Change continues to occur in the market, our communities, our business and our lives, but one thing that doesn’t is the need for our services. Keep up the good work!

Vasili Tsoutouras, President, AEPMA