The team at Greenzone has successfully defended an IP claim, securing a patent for its innovative termite barrier product.


The innovative nature of Greenzone Termite and Insect Barrier technology was recently recognised by IP Australia, despite the validity of the Australian patent application being challenged by a third party.

The challenge from an Australian-based competitor attempted to argue against the innovative process involved in the research and development of Greenzone’s combined termite repellent and compressible foam product – the subject of the Australian patent.

“The grant of the patent serves as a testament to the strength of our research and product development program, and underlines our ability to innovate where our competitors cannot,” said Paul Commerford, director of Greenzone. “It also indicates the willingness from the group of owners to firmly defend the validity of their patent applications, despite the costs and burden.

“The patent is part of our broader IP strategy and protects our products and supports the continued delivery of cutting-edge technology to our customers. The depth of our industry experience on the front line of the construction industry has always been critical to the inventive process of this product and we are continuing to use our expertise to expand our product offerings and relationships.”

With patent protection in place beyond Australia, Greenzone is looking at exploring all options with distributors and partners in a range of Asian and European countries.