QLD pest manager Doug Montgomerie took out the top prize in the latest Syngenta competition. 

During May to December of 2014 Syngenta ran a promotion to celebrate the five-year protection claim Altriset received for south of the Tropic of Capricorn. The promotion revolved around the number ‘5’, and concluded in mid January with the major prize draw.

The winner of the major prize in the Syngenta Altriset 5 Promotion was Doug Montgomerie, owner of Abbey Pest Management on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Mr Montgomerie (pictured above) won a $5000 Sportsnet Holiday travel package.

“Given the competition was run Australia-wide, I was really surprised when I was told I had won,” said Mr Montgomerie. “I purchased my Altriset from Agserv in Brisbane and John Broughton who works there encouraged me to enter.”

Mr Montgomerie is a licensed pest control operator, open licensed builder and a workplace trainer and assessor who has been working in pest management for 20 years. His business concentrates on termite management systems in existing dwellings and termite elimination work in and around buildings.

“What I really like about Altriset is that it is an unscheduled poison. Many of the sites I work on are situated near water or waterways, so using an environmentally safe termiticide is important,” said Mr Montgomerie.

“Being an unscheduled poison means that Altriset poses much less risk to the operator. Unlike many other products it has no appreciable odour, which is a great benefit when working in residential areas, or just parking my truck around town. It is one of the most environmentally friendly products at our disposal.

“On top of that, I get great results with Altriset and will continue to be a big user given that it has the five-year protection period comparable to other termiticides.

“I haven’t decided yet what I will do with the travel package, but I am a bit of a tennis fan. So I will probably use the prize to attend a tennis tournament, though I may use it to watch some Rugby League as well.”