Gavin Wilson from Liphatech explains the benefits of using tried-and-tested smoke generators when it comes to general pest treatments.

Pesticide smoke generators are often an underutilised tool, despite offering some unique advantages over other insecticide treatments.

Effective pest management services require the use of various techniques to ensure sustained pest control. Conventional liquid and dust insecticide formulations work well in most situations, however smoke generators are able to penetrate hard to reach pest infestations, such as cockroaches and ants in kitchen areas, spiders in roof voids, sheds or garages, and fleas in carpets. Smoke particles are much smaller than spray droplets or dust particles and can reach areas not penetrated by conventional treatments, including inside wall cavities and the ceilings of tall structures.

Smoke generators also require no mixing or specialist equipment, just a simple calculation to establish volume and treatment rates, meaning there’s no danger of overdosing.

Lipatech’s Imperator, a 31g permethrin-based smoke generator, offers low operator exposure and minimal odour. The dry smoke does not raise humidity or leave residues in, or on, sensitive areas, materials or equipment, making smoke generators useful in treating computer rooms, libraries and storage areas. In varying situations, Imperator can be used on a broad range of pests including cockroaches, ants, flies, silverfish and weevils. Always refer to the manufacturer label for instructions.

George Bell from Tactic Pest Control in Townsville, QLD believes Imperator smoke generator is a great product to use in confined areas where customers are not prepared to de-clutter and in areas where that cannot be treated with a sprayer.

“The key to the successful use of Imperator is to lock up the treatment area for as long as possible and, when completed, ensure the area is properly aired out afterwards.” said Mr Bell.

Before using smoke generators such as Imperator, ensure the area is clear of people and animals and smoke detectors are turned off. Smoke generator units should be placed on a fireproof base, on a protective floor covering or in a metal bucket. To ignite the generator, simply remove the plastic cap from the canister and, using a match or lighter, light the exposed fuse.

Pests will have nowhere to run or hide as the smoke ‘knocks ‘em down’, making Imperator a cost-effective and mess-free alternative to other treatments.

Gavin Wilson, Technical and Marketing Manager, Liphatech