Pest Control Ticks

When ticks are mentioned in Australia most people think of the paralysis tick, due to its ability to cause illness in pets and humans, and if not caught quickly enough, it can lead to death in dogs.

Paralysis tick

The paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) is found along the east coast of Australia between the Great Dividing Range and the coast.

We have a separate page on detailed article on the paralysis tick, covering its distribution, the dangers of its bite, preventing tick problems and information on tick treatments.

Paralysis tick meat allergy

Although most people are aware and concerned about the risk of paralysis after a bite from the paralysis tick, there is another condition that can arise from a tick bite – mammalian meat allergy. This serious condition can develop after just one bite and can significantly impact the victim’s life style.

Brown dog tick

Although the main tick species of concern to pet owners is the paralysis tick, a new tick has arrive in Australia  – the dog tick. The dog tick spreads a bacterium that causes canine ehrlichiosis, a potentially fatal disease in dogs. The bad news is that since its presence was detected in 2020 canine ehrlichiosis is spreading.

Tick treatments

Preventative tick treatments for pets are veterinary products and are not covered here. However, if you have pets or young children, it’s important to keep your yard free from ticks. Paralysis ticks will be brought into your yard on  native animals such as bandicoots and possums. Keeping your lawn short and vegetation trimmed back is an important first step but you will need to get a pest professional to carry out regular tick treatments to kill any ticks in the lawn and garden. You can check out the same article for information on brown dog tick treatments.

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