No Hiding Places for Spiders

Controlling dangerous spiders such as the Sydney funnel-web requires a suite of products that are proven to get results. 

While many consumers understand the ecological benefits that spiders provide and their important role in the web of life, very few homeowners want to be cohabiting with them inside the house or office. So when it comes to spider treatments, it pays to have more than one solution in the toolkit.

With its large stable of products including the reliable Biflex range, FMC offers a number of solutions for spider control, including Dragnet Dust and Astro Aerosol. A recent exciting addition has been Biflex Mikron, which is a combination of two complementary active ingredients, acetamiprid and bifenthrin, in a unique microemulsion (ME) formulation.

This unique ME formulation features a particle size that is 200 times smaller than SC formulations and thousands of times smaller than micro-encapsulated products, providing several advantages for pest managers. It mixes into a crystal-clear emulsion that does not stain surfaces or leave a residue, even on glass or dark surfaces. The increased number and even distribution of particles on a treated surface creates a higher probability of insects and spiders coming into contact with an effective dose. Also, the much smaller particles are more readily absorbed through the pest’s cuticle for faster and improved control.



An important part of the control process is identifying the locations of the spiders around the property. In situations where pest pressure is high and when rapid knockdown and/or maximum residual protection is required, Biflex Ultra, Biflex Aqua or Biflex Mikron are ideal. When applying, be sure to contact as many spiders as possible, leaving the webs intact to ensure maximum contact with the product. Pay particular attention to protected dark areas such as eaves and inside garden sheds, as well as other known hiding or resting places such as rubbish bin lips, letterboxes and underneath outdoor chairs.

For internal situations the equipment you use needs to be specialised for this purpose. Spray equipment that produces a fine spray to the point of run off will give you the best results. For areas such as cornices and curtain rails, as well as small cracks and crevices, a good option is Astro Aerosol, which has recently had domestic use added to its label. Astro comes in a ready to use can with extended tip and provides not only residual and knockdown but flushing capabilities, making it ideal for spider control.

Application of Dragnet Dust into weep holes with an appropriate adaptor will add value to the job by picking up spiders dwelling out of sight. Blow powder into cracks and crevices for effective knockdown and residual control in these hard to access areas. Pay particular attention to warm, dark corners around ovens, fireplaces, radiators, stoves, pipes, rubbish chutes and places where liquid sprays may not be suitable. Dragnet Dust is also useful in difficult to access areas including roof voids, wall cavities, basements, around electrical equipment and behind cupboards.

However, it is not all about the chemistry. An IPM approach is best, and pest managers can advise their clients to take certain actions to help manage spider populations inside the building.

The first strategy is exclusion. Seal any gaps, cracks, and holes around the outside to prevent spider entry into the building. Also install sweeps on exterior doors and repair damaged screens on doors and windows.

The second strategy is to address the environment inside the building. Reduce clutter, so there are fewer places for spiders to hide and if possible, reduce the moisture levels inside. Also, spiders need a food source to survive. In other words, if you have a spider problem, you may have another pest problem as well, which presents another opportunity to add value for your client by offering a service to inspect and treat for other pests.

This is where Biflex Mikron comes into its own. The Biflex range has a solid reputation for general pest control, especially on spiders. The latest trial data proves that it is equal to, and in most cases, better than the leading products on cockroaches and ants. This means there is no longer a need to have a particular product to use against cockroaches and ants, and then get the Biflex out of the truck to treat for spiders. Biflex Mikron ticks all the boxes.


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Main image of female Sydney funnel-web spider: Dylan Cope, Dylan Cope Pest Control via FMC HomeGuard Photo Competition