Learn how to use technology to manage your business in a COVID world with ServSuite. The Contactless Business Cycle: Market through COVID-19.

Covid-19 has prompted profound changes in the way pest management businesses operate. Practicing and being seen to practice social distancing is key to running a successful operation during the pandemic, to both safeguard your employees and also to build trust with your customers.

Whether you are servicing residential or commercial accounts, leveraging business management software to keep business thriving is crucial. Starting in this issue, we present a series of articles aimed at helping your business use technology to successfully navigate the challenges associated with running a business during Covid-19 – to learn how to mobilise contactless, socially distanced operations – ensuring sustainable growth throughout the pandemic.

Examples of ServSuite Smart Branding

Choosing a scalable software that can be customised to suit your business needs is an important step towards successful contactless business management. With ServSuite, you can set up each stage of your business to be contactless. Like every other aspect of your business, your marketing strategies must also adapt. We have identified three main ways in which pest management software can help.

The Contactless Business Cycle

Customise Forms for Commercial Success

Did you know that you can dramatically increase your customer loyalty with customised forms? Customers are adapting to the Covid-19 environment and it’s important during this time of change that you ensure they choose to stick with you. Build trust with your customers by using pest management software to create a bespoke, professional experience for them, starting with your forms.

By customising your forms you demonstrate your professionalism, which is especially important for commercial accounts. Whether you provide it electronically or in hardcopy, the forms you present customers with are an important touchpoint for you to enhance your profile. With software like ServSuite you can customise the full range of forms to give your customers a personalised experience for long-term loyalty.

Automated marketing is the first step in the Contactless Business Cycle

Brand Up and Be Counted

First, let’s take a look at brand awareness. Your presence in the market is as strong as your brand. Customers are spending more time at home and therefore more aware of pests’ presence. Create a strategy to promote your company as the first port of call for a customer with a pest problem. The surest route to this? Smartening up your branding.

Stand out from the crowd with ServSuite Smart Branding. We will create unique, branded marketing materials customised for your business. You can strengthen both your digital and printed touchpoints to optimise each and every marketing campaign and maintain growth throughout the crisis.

Automate Email Marketing

Covid-19 has created significant changes for the service needs of both residential and commercial customers. Ensure you keep them in the loop if you are changing up the services you offer and expanding to include disinfection services to meet these needs. Automating this process is easy with software.

When it comes to commercial accounts, segmenting target lists can be time-consuming, costly, and vulnerable to human error. By using a software solution such as ServSuite to automate this process, you stand to gain both time and money. From the creation of segmented lists to the launch of campaigns, the sky’s the limit to what you can accomplish with a few clicks.
The ServSuite Marketing Module empowers you to launch campaigns with your current customer base with just a few clicks. Create and manage visual campaigns all in a contactless environment and effciently build customers’ confidence in your business.

Andy Deering, CEO, ServSuite