Recording rodent trap and bait uptake data is a time-consuming task made easy with the use of specially designed software from Temisoft.

When it comes to commercial rodent management, the thought of inspecting hundreds of bait stations on a site can be a bit daunting as well as tedious. The use of barcodes to improve efficiencies is not new, but the improved ServicePRO-PestApp software combines the use of barcoding with pest activity analysis and reporting software to improve the performance of your rodent management programs and impress your customers.

ServicePRO-PestApp from Temisoft is one of the original business management software tools, specifically designed for the pest control industry. Over the last 20 years, it has undergone a number of transformations and the most recent upgrade has allowed ServicePROPestApp to harness the latest technology to provide state-of-the-art drawing tools, camera integrations and customer management features to greatly improve functionality and user experience. But its barcoding capabilities, coupled with the site map functionality and activity reports (example shown above) are the features that can really transform commercial rodent management.

Managing a successful rodent management program requires a good site map to record the locations of all the bait stations and a reporting system that can capture the amount of bait consumed. Site maps can be uploaded to ServicePRO-PestApp or created from scratch using the drawing tool. The bait station locations can then be added to the site map. However, when a commercial site can have as many as several hundred bait stations, you need an efficient method of capturing and analysing the data.

Adding a barcode to each bait station allows for the easy recording of service data. On scanning the barcode you can enter the product used, the batch number, the amount of product placed and the amount of product eaten. This information is automatically captured in the service report, as the barcode relates to the location of a bait station on the site map. From here, it’s simple to generate rodent activity reports that highlight the areas where the most bait is eaten.

Traps Pest Control in Melbourne has been using ServicePRO-PestApp for over 15 years. As an operator very much focused on commercial pest management, being professional and demonstrating that professionalism to customers is vital. Jack Loncar, director at Traps Pest Control, believes ServicePROPestApp has been integral to its business success.

“For rodent management, barcoding the bait stations allows the bait consumption data to be used to generate a detailed activity map. You can then investigate the problem areas and add additional bait stations or bait as required, which makes the rodent program more efficient and effective.

“The activity report is also a very important tool for showing customers that you are on top of the problem and being proactive, rather than simply turning up and checking bait stations. By investigating the causes of the problems, some remedial work is often required – such as increased rodent proofing or changes to hygiene protocols – which can also be captured in the service reports,” explained Mr Loncar.

Although ServicePRO-PestApp helps deliver excellence in rodent management programs, it is the report writing function that gives the impression of professionalism.

“Barcoding each bait station does not really increase the efficiency in carrying out the inspection, but rather increases the efficiency in report writing and value of the service. By collecting the data through barcoding, by the time the service is completed, the report is already written,” said Mr Loncar. “The detail in the report, particularly the activity analysis, gives the client the confidence that you are providing a very professional service.

“With ServicePRO-PestApp we can tailor the reports to meet our needs and modify the report to meet the needs of individual clients.

“These detailed and professional reports allow you to win more jobs and charge a premium price. For manufacturing and healthcare establishments, the detailed reports allow for easy auditing, which is very important, especially if they follow HACCP protocols.”

The barcoding function of ServicePRO-PestApp offers an additional and occasionally important benefit. Each barcode scan is time stamped and the GPS position recorded. This functionality protects the business and demonstrates to the client that technicians are on site carrying out services as per the contract.