Exploring the Benefits of Automation and a Smart Website

Formitize is known for delivering smart, paperless business solutions, with its Pest Management App specifically designed for pest control businesses. 

In an industry grappling with rising labour costs, competitive pricing and escalating customer expectations, pest control businesses have no choice but to find ways to work smarter. The right pest management software can be a game changer, ultimately enhancing productivity and improving the bottom line.

Automation is key. Employees are expensive and their costs are rising, so it is important that they are contributing in areas that add the most value to the business – and that isn’t performing manual, repetitive tasks that can so easily be automated. By utilising software like the Formitize Pest Management App, a whole range of smart automations can easily be set up to take away the noise of constant, repetitive tasks. Pest Management App calls this feature ‘Smart Assist’, and some of the automations include: pre-job reminders, post-job follow-ups and surveys, quotation follow-up, overdue invoice chasing, document expiry notifications, and recurring job scheduling.

Automating these day-to-day tasks not only improves regular communication, reminders and customer service, but also allows the people in your business to focus their time on tasks best performed by real people: customer care, marketing, phone calls and building customer relationships.

Your website is a tool that is so often overlooked. In a world of influencers and social media, the deep value of your website can be forgotten, but it remains your central source of truth. Potential customers will more than likely check out your website and move on if it doesn’t look professional and current. They won’t let you know that it was your website that let you down before going elsewhere.

Pest Management App recognises the value of a quality website to help you win new business, taking websites to another level with ‘Smart Sites’, an optional add-on service that helps you work smarter. Smart sites have all the characteristics of a great website, but are elevated with a range of smart automations including, ‘contact to CRM’, ‘quick quote’ and ‘book a job’. Think of it as your very own efficient (and economical) PA.

These pages are embedded in the website and plug in directly to your Pest Management Account.

With Smart Sites, customers have the option of a complete website build that incorporates Smart Sites features or adding components to an existing website if preferred.

So now, when a customer completes the ‘contact us’ form on the smart site for example, a whole range of automations can trigger, including: creating a new contact in the CRM; creating a new sales lead in the sales pipeline; sending the contact an email with attachments; or sending a team member an SMS with the contact name and number so they can click to call the contact in seconds.

It’s a process that’s fast, completely automated, nothing is missed and the potential customer is instantly impressed!


Some of the automated actions available in the Formitize Pest Management App


The developers behind Pest Management App are highly focused on helping clients work smarter, with AI being the next generation of smart automation to be embedded in the software. A range of exciting projects are in development.

Matt Burge, CEO at Formitize’s Pest Management App says, “When business is tough, it is those who have invested in smart automation that will come through, and often come through even stronger. Our team is incredibly focused on delivering tools to help our clients work smarter.

“We know change can be difficult so we offer our clients a free one hour ‘success session’ to ensure that all parts of the platform, including the smart automations, are understood and utilised. We believe it’s initiatives like this that are helping us grow so quickly as we continue to improve our levels of customer care and ultimately save businesses time, money and mental pressure.”

More information about the Formitize Pest Management App can be found on the website.