ServicePRO-Pest APP is an enterprise software that supports pest management businesses small and large. 

Making the call on which business software to use is an important decision. For a small business starting out, it is obviously important to choose a software package that meets the needs of the here and now. However, it’s also important to consider whether the software will still be the best choice if your business grows. Software that supports medium to large businesses is often called ‘enterprise software’.

So, if you’re a small business with designs on growth or a larger business looking for software that provides additional functionality, it may be worth taking a closer look at an enterprise software package designed for enterprise businesses, such as ServicePRO-PestAPP from Temisoft.

“It’s important to understand that ServicePRO-Pest APP was developed as a business support software and CRM – for customer management, site and job management, reminders, invoices and statements – and it now offers Xero integration too,” said Kevork Temisgian, managing director at Temisoft (pictured above, left).

“These are all core elements of our software, which are required by any pest control business. Most businesses, and certainly those involved in termite management, also need report writing capability, including termite treatment proposals and also termite baiting reports. But as a business grows, especially as it obtains more commercial customers, additional functionality is required. ServicePRO-PestAPP has a range of add-on modules that provide the tools required for a growing business.”

Key modules include: the contract module, which is essential for managing commercial clients, but also used for termite baiting jobs; the barcode module, which makes management of rodent and baiting jobs on large sites more efficient, but also provides additional data through the activity reports, heat maps and trend analysis; and the customer portal – an essential requirement in many commercial contracts allowing clients to access the portal and download their service reports, SDS, insurance certificates, etc.

“Business management is in our DNA. In contrast, most other software has its origins in forms and report writing. That said, it’s often forgotten that Temisoft created online report writing software in Australia back in 2002 using HP iPaq and Palm Pilots!” commented Mr Temisgian.

Pest managers can have confidence in choosing ServicePRO-PestAPP as a software partner, knowing it is an Australian company with Australian-based customer support. Having been around for over 25 years, pest control companies can trust that ServicePRO-PestAPP will continue to support their business into the future.

“Many customers have been with ServicePRO-PestAPP for years and the dynamic and growing pest control companies appreciate the functionality of the ServicePRO-PestAPP enterprise software.”

With technology being such a dynamic market, it’s easy to always look forwards and forget about the past. For Mr Temisgian, he was reminded of the heritage of ServicePRO-PestAPP and the impact it has had on the pest control industry during a discussion with Ion Staunton (pictured above, right) at the recent Pesticon conference on the Gold Coast. One comment in particular really struck home.

“You know, Kevork,” said Mr Staunton, “Temisoft introduced technology to the pest management industry in Australia.”