Creating quality reports is a vital tool for a pest management business, which is made easy using the right software.


Nowadays, pest professionals need to be able to access, create, and share reports in real time. Capturing details of pest activity electronically means the process of sharing information about treatment plans is both more accurate and more efficient, and using technology to do the heavy lifting has the dual benefit of saving time and increasing the quality of the reports produced.

Streamlined reporting allows business owners to gather insights and make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

From managing inventory to tracking productivity, it’s essential to have access to a wide range of report templates. Enterprise pest management software solutions such as ServSuite offer fully customisable reports making it easy to start building reports based on your specific business needs. In addition, ServSuite also lets you take control of visibility with flexible report assignment – a feature that allows you to control who the reports are shared with, which is helpful when determining managerial responsibilities.

Risk and treatment reports are an essential component of integrated pest management. They help improve the professional impression of your business by enhancing the quality of your services and also your data management. By capturing details of pest activity electronically, the process of sharing information about treatment plans is both more accurate and more efficient. This helps minimise the margin for error and enhances customer satisfaction, helping improve customer retention over time.

Easily accessible, customised reports are the first step to reporting success, but equally important is building reports that track key performance indicators. Reporting on all key aspects of your business generates valuable data that can help improve decision-making from day one. For example, the ServSuite Mobile app tracks productivity. Performance can be monitored by technician, region, customer, service types, and more. Advanced filters and preference settings also allow you to track the cost of materials against production. Having this level of visibility promotes accountability and therefore helps boost productivity and profitability in the long term.

Business intelligence will help take your business to the next level. ServSuite will gather the necessary data without increasing your workload, helping boost accountability, productivity, and efficiency business-wide.