Creating a Seamless Customer Journey

With Nexus Service Manager pest managers can automate the entire customer journey, from call to cash (payment). 

Many companies these days have an ambition to digitise and automate business processes. The focus is on streamlining the ‘call-to-cash’ customer journey, which refers to all the steps from when a customer calls to when the invoice is paid. In some service businesses, many of these processes are still performed manually, taking up valuable time and limiting number of jobs the business can efficiently handle.

At Nexus Digital Technology, the objective is to offer business management software that helps businesses improve their customer experience, enabling people do their jobs better, and to improve overall efficiency. Nexus Service Manager delivers on these key objectives.

Using Nexus Service Manager, the customer journey starts with quotes that can be approved online, converted to a job, and scheduled. Customer communication is then automated with the software sending the customer a confirmation email the day before the job, reminding them that the technician will need access to the property or to reschedule if this is not possible.

Once the technician has arrived on site, they click ‘start job’ on the Nexus Service Manager mobile app and complete the service report, entering technical notes and photos as they go. At the end, they simply click ‘generate invoice’ and a PDF invoice can be viewed, emailed or a unique QR code can be shown to the customer so they can pay the invoice on their mobile via credit card. Once payment has been made, the invoice is automatically marked as ‘paid’, triggering a receipt to be emailed to the customer – all before the technician has even left the property.

The invoice and receipt are automatically sent to the connected accounting system, such as MYOB, Xero or Reckon. This saves time in the office and reduces the number of tasks that the office staff would normally be responsible for.

Although the ‘call-to-cash’ journey is complete, the customer’s experience doesn’t end there; once the job is completed by the technician, the system can create and schedule the next job if the job is recurring, which is common for commercial work. Alternatively for residential work, the service renewal report can be used to send out mass emails to all customers that have services due the following month. This drives further business and goes a long way towards retaining the customer.

“In my conversations with our customers, it’s clear that embracing continuous innovation is key to overcoming business challenges and achieving ambitions,” said Nicholas Vella, manager of Nexus Digital Technology. “Which is why we are excited for the year ahead and the next round of business automation that is currently in the research and development phase.”

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