Space sprays are an effective way to target multiple pests in large, open spaces. Aqua K-Othrine is a unique water based formulation using patented technology that delivers the performance of a solvent based formulation without the strong odour of solvents.

When tackling a rodent infestation, pest managers generally implement a ‘clean out’ regime to get on top of the problem before moving on to a maintenance rodent control program. But what do you do for clean out options when dealing with insects, especially in commercial accounts and large open spaces?

Space sprays are the go-to option as they provide broad spectrum control with fast knockdown and allow quick application to a large area. However, not all space sprays are the same. Traditional space sprays are solvent based, as they can deliver the required droplet size for good ‘hang time’ – a vital attribute for good performance. However, solvent-based products have a strong odour and a safety and environmental profile that makes them less than desirable in a variety of situations and with a number of clients. The alternative is a unique water-based formulation that delivers the same hang time as solvent-based formulations, without the strong odour – Aqua K-Othrine from Bayer.

Aqua K-Othrine incorporates anti-evaporant Film Forming Aqueous Suspension Technology (FFAST), which allows dilution of the concentrate with water and yet delivers a spray droplet the same size as if diluted in oil. By using cold aerosol ULV equipment or a thermal fogger, the resulting spray has an average droplet size below 50 micron – ideal for a space spray. Due to the lower viscosity of water-based and water-diluted formulations, it is recommended that smaller nozzle sizes be used, otherwise the droplet sizes may be too large, and this can lead to precipitation (or ‘spitting’) from the application equipment.

This unique EW formulation was primarily developed for use in mosquito control programs. The product is fully evaluated under the World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES), which assesses both the performance and safety profiles of products before indicating their suitability for inclusion in mosquito control programs. However, the trusted broad-spectrum performance of deltamethrin means Aqua K-Othrine is not only effective on other flying insects such as flies and biting midges, but can also be used to control spiders, cockroaches and stored product pests.

Although Aqua K-Othrine contains deltamethrin, it is not a residual product. It contains a very low level of deltamethrin and is designed for fast knockdown. It can therefore be used in a wide range of situations when large areas need to be treated – including warehouses, office spaces, factories, farm buildings, schools and boats. Aqua K-Othrine can be used as a clean out treatment to get on top of an infestation quickly or to treat an unused facility before re-occupation to ensure it is pest free before moving in. It can also be used in residential homes, and of course in outdoor areas for mosquitoes, biting midges and flies.

Key to a successful application is to get the required volume of spray into the space to be treated, ensuring windows and doors are kept shut. As well as spraying into the air, targeting the spray towards cracks and crevices, and under and behind equipment is a good idea for crawling pests. With its long hang time, it is important not to re-enter the treated area for at least four hours.

Aqua K-Othrine is the cost effective, insect clean out product that can be used in a wide range of commercial situations – an ideal first treatment before moving on to a targeted, regular service program.