A professional-grade pyrethroid aerosol is a handy tool for pest managers, acting as a flushing agent, knockdown spray and residual spray, all in one.

When professional pest managers are making a thorough inspection of premises before providing their recommendations, sometimes infestations of pests such as cockroaches are not always obvious. However, with the correct use of a range of tools such as a map of the premises, a torch, and an effective flushing agent, infestations can be successfully detected. Astro Aerosol from FMC is an effective flushing agent and thus can form a vital part of a professional pest manager’s inspection kit.

Astro Aerosol is an insecticide specifically formulated to control crawling insects. The product can be used in three ways: as an effective flushing agent, a fast-acting knockdown spray or as a surface residual.

Its powerful flushing action drives pests out from cracks and crevices, making it particularly useful in commercial environments where accessibility can be an issue. As a knockdown spray, the product can be applied directly to target insects. For residual control, Astro can be applied to surfaces to give up to two months of barrier protection. For best results, particular attention should be given to areas where insects congregate, crawl, or rest.

Astro Aerosol has been developed specifically for the Australian pest control industry and is available in a ready to use formulation containing the synthetic pyrethroid, permethrin. The product is packaged in 330 g aerosol canisters and is registered for the residual control of ants, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, and silverfish. It can be used in domestic, commercial, institutional, and industrial premises.

Astro Aerosol utilises n-paraffin solvents, which means that the formulation has low volatility (i.e. lower vapour pressure at room temperature, higher flash point, and slower drying times), which in turn provides the product with optimal efficacy. Astro has been formulated to be particularly effective against challenging pests, such as cockroaches. The paraffin solvents provide superior product efficacy as they have excellent wetting and penetration capability through the insect cuticle of pests, the waxy layer that protects insects from desiccation. With this greater ability to penetrate the target insect, Astro increases its effectiveness in controlling pests without increasing the amount of chemicals used in each application.

The introduction of Astro Aerosol gives professional pest managers access to a cost-effective aerosol product, with a range of applications and reliable efficacy. A very useful addition to any pest manager’s inspection kit.