New StarrdustPRO Grab-N-Go Pack

Sundew Solutions has released a new format of packaging for StarrdustPRO. 

Sundew Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of a new pack size in its StarrdustPRO range – a 2 kg Grab-n-Go Convenience Pack.

StarrdustPRO Industrial Strength Insecticidal Dusting Powder features a double strength permethrin 40:60 cis as well as the insect growth regulator, triflumuron. As well as being registered against the common urban pests, it is registered for use against four pests not found on other dust labels in Australia: millipedes, slaters, clothes moths and darkling beetles, making it the most comprehensive product label for dusts.

The new StarrdustPRO Grab-n-Go pack has a rugged laminated plastic exterior comprising three layers of protective material and a resealable zip-lock at the top. Inside the bag is a second tied bag featuring a silver metalised layer. These features keep StarrdustPRO fresh for a long period of time and protect against oxygen and moisture, ensuring the dust is perfectly dry.

For added convenience, the StarrdustPRO Grab-n-Go pack has a tough hand grip for easy carrying.

Sundew Solutions introduced this new pack at the request of reseller partners and pest management professionals from across Australia looking for a convenient ‘intermediate’ no-fuss pack size. It is great for single operators, stock management, or budget-conscious buyers.

“With the price of fuel today, some technicians are looking for every way to reduce the amount of weight being carried in their vehicles,” explained David Priddy, CEO of Sundew Solutions. “The new Grab-n- Go Convenience Pack is a great option that is easy on the pocket.”

The StarrdustPRO 2 kg Grab-n-Go Convenience Pack is available now from Agserv, Garrards, David Grays and Globe Pest Solutions.