ClearOut Plus IGR Dust – New Innovation From Sherwood

Developed by Sherwood Chemicals, a dustable powder containing a combination of permethrin and pyriproxyfen has been launched in the Australian pest control market.

Professional pest managers can now use a new dual-active dustable powder formulation combining double strength permethrin together with pyriproxyfen to control both indoor and outdoor pests: ClearOut Plus IGR Dust. It is a world first, being the only dustable powder combination of permethrin and pyriproxyfen to exist on the market.

Pyriproxyfen, a juvenile hormone mimic, interferes with the breeding cycle of insects. Pyriproxyfen lasts longer on surfaces than permethrin and is active at very low concentrations so, as well as delivering fast knockdown, longer-lasting control can be achieved as the insect life cycle is interrupted for a prolonged period of time.

The lightweight, free-flowing formulation ensures excellent coverage of roof voids and cracks and crevices and is the perfect partner for Sherwood’s new E-duster for targeted internal applications and general pest applications.


Dead cockroach with dust on its body
The combination of permethrin and pyriproxyfen achieves fast knockdown and lasting control


Feedback from pest management professionals who have trialled the new formulation has been very positive.

Sherwood Chemicals’ managing director John Ralph believes this latest innovation is a result of the company’s significant investment in formulation chemistry over the last ten years.

“Since our investment in a dedicated product testing facility in 2012, the formulation team at Sherwood has been able to develop and deliver high quality innovative solutions to the Australian market including ClearOut Plus IGR Aerosol (fipronil and pyriproxyfen), LambdaPlus IGR Insecticide (lambda-cyhalothrin encap and pyriproxyfen), Fipforce HP and Fipforce Dust,” he said.

“Investing in a dedicated product testing facility is beneficial to both Sherwood and its customers. For Sherwood, it means we can work hand in hand with our formulation chemists to ensure that our current products such as Fipforce Dust are improved through the launch of our E-duster to improve the ease of application and delivery of the dust to eliminate termites. At the same time we are researching new, innovative solutions such as ClearOut Plus IGR Dust and improving on the existing dustable powder formulations in the market by continually tweaking and retesting the formulation.”

Mr Ralph believes Sherwood’s skills in state-of-the art formulation chemistry for small niche markets gives the company a unique advantage.

“We are one of a few companies focused on innovation in professional pest markets in the world. It is through these specialty products that we believe we will continue to add value to the pest manager’s toolbox in the future,” he concluded.

ClearOut Plus IGR Dust is available in a 8 kg square bucket with an easy access flip-top lid.


White square box with flip top lid
New, easy to use flip lock lid


Available now from Agserv, Garrards and Globe Pest Solutions. Pest managers can take advantage of the launch promotion (stocks limited).