Formulated to contain sequestrants, surfactants and detergents, All Clear DS from Liphatech allows for quick and thorough decontamination of spray nozzles, lines and tanks. 


Effective housekeeping practices are essential for pest managers wanting to ensure their specialised spray equipment is performing at its peak.

The outdated practice of using water to rinse out equipment, once viewed as being all that was needed to ensure equipment was cleaned, has since been proven to be ineffective, with a build-up of chemical residues in tanks, lines/filters and spray nozzles still detected, which can potentially cause a cross-contamination of chemicals. Residues from ineffective cleaning routines and practices can block filters and nozzles, impacting application rates and can also lead to corrosion damage.

Regular and effective cleaning of high value spraying equipment using a cleaning solution developed specifically for that purpose, will ensure no chemical residue is left behind and will avoid potential damage, while also making sure equipment is performing as it has been designed to.


Left side washed with water, right side washed with All Clear DS


John Maher of JJM Pest Management (second from left, above), has found one cleaning solution in particular meets his equipment cleaning needs. “I’ve tried many different cleaning agents over the years for my spray equipment and have found All Clear DS to be a far superior cleaning agent to anything else I had previously used,” said Mr Maher.

All Clear DS is a balanced liquid formulation containing sequestrants, surfactants and detergents that has been proven in both the laboratory and in the field to be an effective product for the decontamination and cleaning of spraying equipment.

“The All Clear liquid formulation is easy to use with water and works successfully in cleaning out chemicals from spray tanks especially when switching use between bifenthrin and fipronil,” Mr Maher said.

“All Clear DS gives me piece of mind knowing that chemical residues are removed and my tanks are clean and ready for the next job.”

All Clear DS offers a unique three-way mode of action, which removes residues from spraying equipment while also solubilising them for easy removal. All Clear DS provides a simple, cost-effective way to both clean and protect equipment, to ensure each job is carried out correctly.

According to Gavin Wilson, technical marketing manager at Liphatech, “It’s the ease of use, being a liquid formulation, and reliability of performance that has led All Clear DS to become the cleaning product of choice for pest managers.”

All Clear DS is available in both one and five litre containers.