Swiss-made Birchmeier sprayers are available in Australia through Ensystex, giving pest managers a high quality option for their spray setup. 


The demands on the professional pest manager nowadays call for versatility, with equipment used having to be both functional and reliable. Of all the changes in the industry over the past decade or so, one of the most important has been the introduction of more sophisticated and portable spray units, particularly backpack sprayers. You would be hard pressed to find a pest control company who does not have at least one backpack sprayer that is used most days. The advances in battery technology in recent years means these useful bits of kit are not just on a pest managers’ wish list anymore, but have become essential equipment.

According to Andrew Knight, Ensystex’s national sales manager, the need to provide quality sprayer options was the key reason that the Birchmeier range of portable sprayers was brought to Australia. “With the sophisticated insecticides we market, we wanted to ensure that our client base had access to sprayers of the highest quality,” Mr Knight explained. “Birchmeier were the first company in the world to develop a backpack sprayer in 1876, and are committed to quality. To this day, every single Birchmeier sprayer is still produced in their factory in Switzerland.”

Birchmeier produce both battery-powered and compression-style backpack sprayers, so there is a model for every budget. “The flagship models are the battery powered range consisting of the REC15, REB15 and REA15. These are exceptionally robust with a comfortable ergonomic design. These have design features that just work, like having the hose outlet facing the direction you are working, a click belt system for ease of putting on your back and taking off again, adjustable droplet size, pressure limiters and a fast battery charge on the REC15. All are electronically controlled with a pressure range of up to 580 kPa (84 psi). Using proven Birchmeier technology you’ll be pleased to have this quality piece of equipment as part of your rig.”

“The Flox 10 and Iris 15 (pictured above) are manually operated robust, functional and reliable backpack sprayers that are easy to use and maintain. Ergonomically designed, they are comfortable on the back even when used for long periods. These also run at 580 kPa (84 psi).”

Ensystex’s extensive range of Birchmeier sprayers includes manual hand compression sprayers with simple trigger-pull units, available in 500 mL and 1.25 L models. “These operate at 360 degrees, so they are ideal for using when you need to spray hard to get to places, say in a commercial kitchen,” Mr Knight said. “The Super Star 1.25 L unit is particularly popular for use with Ensystex’s Attrathor Targeted Insecticide in commercial premises. It has a swivel head for maximum flexibility, pressurises at up to 290 kPa (42 psi), and comes with an optional 300 mm flexible wand, all for a very affordable price.”


The Birchmeier hand sprayers can operate upside down


Also available are the traditional hand-held compression sprayers, providing a 5 L capacity, in either heavy-duty plastic or the durable stainless steel Spray-Matic model. Both operate at up to 390 kPa (56 psi) and use Viton seals. The range also includes larger trolley and wheelbarrow sprayers for pest managers dealing with more demanding situations, such as large strata complexes or schools. “With up to 75 L capacity and 970 kPa (140 psi) operating pressure, these units are designed to make hard work, easy. No more dragging your hose around and getting caught on everything! Just park your vehicle in one place and wheel the unit easily around as needed. These models have all the power needed to finish the job quickly, and they are quiet with zero emissions. Perfect for the environmentally responsible modern professional pest manager. They come with a ten metre hose and a variety of nozzles,” explained Mr Knight.

“As with all Birchmeier sprayers, their batteries are designed to last an entire day, on a single charge. Just recharge at the end of a busy day and they are ready to go again,” said Mr Knight. “All Birchmeier battery models use the CAS battery system, so you can use the same battery in multiple units including your other power tools if they are CAS compliant. All units come with a full range of accessories and maintenance kits. And as you would expect from Ensystex, we offer full back up and support on all sprayers and guarantee to carry spares for at least ten years.”