The team from Austates Pest Equipment outlines the value of having a customised setup for your ute.


Ute tool boxes and canopies are handy in any trade, but choosing the right set up for your ute is an important decision to get right. Austates Pest Equipment have supplied equipment to the pest control industry for over 15 years, including the design and manufacture of ute set ups. Here are their thoughts on the pros and cons of canopies and tool boxes.

Canopies can be visually appealing (like the one pictured above) and fully enclosing the ute tray adds a great deal of security to what is locked inside. As well as securing tools from being stolen, a canopy also provides protection from the elements. However canopies can make accessing tanks and equipment stored in the very centre, a little difficult. In contrast, ute tool boxes, while not all encompassing like a canopy, make accessing the centre of the tray or tanks far simpler. And separate individual compartments in toolboxes can provide security, as each tool box must be opened individually.

Standard tool boxes, while built to make life easier on the job, can sometimes end up making it harder. Despite having shelves and draws, these are few, and placed in generic locations. Pest managers know how important organisation is to a smoothly running job. The basic and unimaginative nature of a standard tool box can often lead to tools and required items being scattered or when placed in bin style boxes, just being piled on top of each other. While there may be room for items, keeping them neat and organised becomes a far greater task.

Custom toolboxes, on the other hand, are far more effective in keeping everything in its allocated spot. With Austates, the internals of a custom toolbox are built to customer specifications and with everything having its place, there’s less of risk of tools being left behind on the job. With extra shelves, draws and racks, all placed exactly where needed, the days of rummaging through tool boxes in search for that one piece of equipment, are over.

While custom tool boxes make storing and accessing tools simple, there are still advantages to installing a canopy. And like standard tool boxes, although the one size fits all, mass-produced canopies might be cheaper, they won’t provide the same level of protection or security that a custom canopy can.

Austates custom canopies can be designed to precisely fit a pest manager’s ute to ensure the elements are kept out. Our custom canopy can be created to match the shape of a cab or headboard, with colour coating also offered, while the internal layout of a custom canopy – with shelves and dividers – can also be made to exact specifications. For more information about installing Australian-made custom equipment in your ute, contact the team at Brisbane-based Austates Pest Equipment directly.