Ensystex announces an updated formulation for its crawling insect spray.

The innovation team at Ensystex have recently improved the formulation of Aerothor Extra Strength Crawling Insect Spray.

Dion Alderton, Ensystex’s business manager advised, “Aerothor has always been a very popular product for those times when you need to take quick action against a pest problem; especially if you need to fix up a call-back, or when you need a powerful flushing agent.

“Aerothor has an extremely broad use label; it is registered for the control of all species of crawling insects. So it is very useful when you come across those more unusual pests and want to ensure label compliance. Quite literally, whatever the species you are dealing with, Aerothor is approved. It is particularly useful for flushing out cockroaches. Ensystex were the first company to bring imiprothrin as an active to the professional market, recognising its potential for super-fast action.”

The high performance of the new formulation has been maintained in the new odourless presentation, with no fragrances, and an ultra-high pressure propellant employed to give maximum power.

“The super-fast flushing and kill action arises as a consequence of imiprothrin acting much faster that other pyrethroids at the target site, the insect nervous system. When imiprothrin is applied directly to the cockroach, there is a rapid decline in spontaneous nerve electrical impulse firing; followed by the rapid and complete disappearance of any charge. In recent independent trials, the kill time, for 90% of German cockroaches, was less than nine seconds. Put us to the test, we guarantee nothing kills a cockroach faster!

“Aerothor is also excellent for bed bug programs, with the dual action of the imiprothrin and cypermethrin ensuring immediate results. And it can be applied anywhere bed bugs are a problem, including bed frames and mattresses.”

The dual action nozzle is also a big benefit for professionals as it offers the option of a broad pattern spray for treating larger surface areas, or the targeted straw nozzle can be ‘flipped up’ for getting into the tiniest of cracks and crevices.

Accuthor professional aerosol actuator

“Also available is the Accuthor Professional Aerosol Actuator Kit. This allows for a more professional look, and comes with a unique ‘wand-like’ trigger, which provides greater reach and versatility. In addition, the trigger comes complete with a 150mm spiral, flexible hose that allows you to cover all possible angles of application, including upside down; which is great for getting under benches. You have the option of three different nozzle sizes: fine, medium or coarse spray.

A 250mm carry-pouch comes as a standard accessory, which perfectly fits the Aerothor can.”