Pest IT celebrates a decade of manufacturing its successful Magnet Trap range. 

For over a decade, Pest IT has manufactured a range of cage traps as a solution for humanely capturing vertebrate pest animals and birds. The Magnet Trap range includes the well-known Myna Magnet Trap, which was developed as a result of extensive research conducted by the Australian National University. The use of the two-chamber trap revolutionised the trapping of suspicious and ‘trap-shy’ species including the Indian myna and the European starling. Internationally, the trap has been used extensively across the South Pacific, Asia and as part of many island eradication projects.

A smaller version called the Mini Myna Trap was also developed, and is used by pest professionals, homeowners, conservation groups and councils throughout Australia. In recent times, large quantities of Mini Myna traps have been used on Fijian islands in order to reduce the impact of mynas in key resort areas. In most areas, the mynas’ brazen feeding frenzies around resort pools have seen unguarded meals being quickly pilfered from unsuspecting holidaying guests.

The well-known Mini Myna Magnet, used in many Fijian holiday resorts

The Magnet Trap range from Pest IT offers a variety of collapsible, heavy duty traps that are Australian- designed and of professional grade, making them ideal for government, domestic and professional trapping programs. The fact that all traps in the range are collapsible makes them easy to transport and allows for convenient storage. With setup in minutes, the cage construction is resistant to rats, cats and birds of prey that pose a threat to confined, trapped birds such as pigeons and mynas. The Pigeon Magnet and Myna Magnet include mandatory solid roofs, which provide protection from direct sunlight and offer comfort for captured pest birds.

All Magnet Traps feature a mesh base for easy post-trapping cleaning. Professional pest managers also have access to optional storage bags, a carbon dioxide gassing kit for the humane dispatching of pest birds, and a variety of accessories.

The Magnet Trap range is fully collapsible, allowing for easy storage

With the recent bushfires, our native wildlife is susceptible to feral pests such as cats and foxes as never before. Pest managers, government departments and conservation groups may take this opportunity to launch joint ventures to control these predatory pests. Collapsible cage traps will be the ideal starting point for trapping in remote locations.

Cage traps, including the Magnet Trap range, can be used together with sensor technologies including RatSense and MinkPolice. Legislation in the space of monitoring captured animals and birds is changing rapidly. Using real-time sensor technology in conjunction with 24-hour surveillance can be of great benefit to professionals and government programs alike.

Pest IT’s vision is for the Magnet Trap range to help preserve Australia’s rich biodiversity of native animal species, maintain the highest level of animal welfare for captured vertebrate pests and help pest managers deliver excellent results using ethical, professional trapping systems.