Ensystex adds a new exclusion product to its Avithor bird range. 

Ensystex has announced the addition of a further product to its Avithor range of professional bird control products. Avithor Cable Bird is a spring-tensioned wire system designed to create an unstable landing area for pest birds.

Steve Broadbent, regional director for Ensystex, said, “The very low profile of Cable Bird makes it one of the most discreet bird protection systems, rendering it ideal for use on high-visibility ledges where aesthetics are important, and for the protection of historical buildings and solar panels.

“Cable Bird is effective for light to medium bird pressure situations and will protect against a wide range of species including pigeons and starlings. It can be applied to exposed beams, ledges, parapets, signs, pipes or solar panels.”

The Cable Bird system consists of one-piece tracks, made from UV stabilised high-durability polypropylene, each with nine posts, which can be cut to the desired width (e.g. three posts, five posts, etc.) The system is installed using either adhesive or screws. The tracks are placed 1.5 metres apart with high-tension springs attached to alternate rows of track i.e. first, third, fifth, etc. Avithor Sky Wire, a special stainless steel wire with nylon coating, is secured using these high-tension springs, with the rows of wires serving to protect the area from pest birds.