Made from stainless steel, VEXO gutter spikes are an alternative to using traditional polycarbonate clips.

Pest managers with experience of installing traditional polycarbonate base spikes on gutters, will know the difficulties that come with installing individual clips every 10-15 centimetres. This, as well as working with shorter foot-long or 50cm spikes that need to be manually clipped in, can make such jobs unappealing. Polycarbonate clips also become brittle over time, which can lead to them easily breaking off, resulting in a risk of falling spikes. As well as a safety hazard, there is the additional cost of reinstallation, both in terms of material and labour.

VEXO has a solution to these problems with its gutter spikes that are fit for purpose. These gutter spikes are made from full 304 stainless steel and are secured along the inside of the gutter with stainless steel tabs that tightly fold over any lip shape. These spikes are highly secure and come in full metre lengths for easy and fast installation.

Bird spike on gutter
Gutter spikes fit firmly over the gutter lip and prevent birds perching on the lip or roosting inside the gutter

The heritage-listed Convent Bakery in Abbotsford, Melbourne, recently sought out VEXO gutter spikes to prevent pigeons roosting above its front entrance. Both the bakery owner and the convent building and facilities manager noted how the increasing number of pigeons was becoming a health and business hazard – a durable and effective deterrent was needed.

Birds resting on ledge and gutter before installing bird spikes Ledge and gutter clear of birds installing bird spikes

Before and after: the bakery was crowded with pigeons above the front entrance and along the gutter (left) until the installation of VEXO gutter spikes and wide spikes caused the pigeons to relocate (right)

Building and facilities manager David Campbell was very pleased with the results. So too, was their installation contractor from Darnic Australia Industries who installed the spikes, commenting that “it was very simple and quick to securely fit the gutter spikes in place.”

Protecting eaves from nesting swallows is also a major problem that often requires scheduled removal with high pressure hosing. However, it does not deter swallows from nesting in the same location.

VEXO swallow spikes are designed specifically to angle out in such a way that it effectively prohibits swallows from targeting the corner of eaves to build their nests. Each metre-long spike allows the installation to be performed much quicker than with traditional foot-long spikes.

Swallow spikes installed to prevent birds from building their nests in the corner under eaves
Swallow spikes prevent birds from building their nests in the corner under eaves

These swallow spikes have also been utilised on solar panels to prevent birds from nesting underneath panels on sloping roofs or to prevent birds roosting on the top of pitched panels. VEXO spikes can be easily fitted with clips that fasten onto the panel without damaging them in any way and can be removed if required.

Solar panel bird spikes prevent birds and rodents from nesting under panels
Solar spikes can also be used on solar panels to prevent birds and rodents from nesting under panels

Where spiking is required for ledges or narrow surfaces such as I, H or C beams, the VEXO ledge spike is an ideal durable option. With one side angled out and the other near vertical, this spike can be installed almost flush against the ledge where standard V-shaped spikes would not allow this.

Ledge bird spikes can be fit to external and internal ledges
Ledge spikes fit perfectly and securely on structural beams

VEXO offers a range of professional spikes that are designed for fast and simple installation. Its gutter, swallow, solar, and ledge spikes offer pest managers practical solutions to bird control and are available online or via Agserv.