Sumitomo Chemical offers two solutions for treating fire ants, which are currently used by the Government for its national fire ant eradication program. 

With the increasing involvement of pest managers in supporting the fire ant control program in Queensland, Sumitomo Chemical has highlighted two options registered and approved for use on fire ants: Synergy Pro and Distance Plus.

Synergy Pro contains two different food granules and two different active ingredients – hydramethylnon and pyriproxyfen. “In most situations, Synergy Pro should be the go-to bait for fire ants,” claimed Charles McClintock, Sumitomo Chemical business manager. “Synergy Pro
is the faster acting of the two products, with the hydramethylnon delivering a significant drop in activity with days of treatment.

“However, for sensitive accounts or where baiting is being used as a precautionary treatment to take care of any nests that haven’t been identified, Distance Pro is a great option. It only contains the IGR pyriproxyfen, so although it will eliminate the colony, it will take a few weeks.

“Sumitomo has been supplying bait to the fire ant program for a number of years, so our products have been proven in the field, meaning pest managers can use these products with confidence,” added Mr McClintock.