ANTagonistPRO Now Registered for Fire Ants

Pest managers can now use ANTagonistPRO to control fire ants.


Sundew Solutions is pleased to announce an update to the ANTagonistPRO 80 SC label, which now allows application by boom spray for treating large areas infested with red imported fire ants.

Sundew Solutions has dedicated many years of in-field research and development in south east Queensland to the treatment of invasive pests, namely the red imported fire ant and yellow crazy ant. This resulted in both ANTagonistPRO 80 SC polymer-enhanced bifenthrin and SAS PRO fipronil granular ant killer both receiving APVMA approval in early 2021 for use against these tramp ant species.

At the time of receiving APVMA approval for red imported fire ants and yellow crazy ants, a restraint was in place that meant ANTagonistPRO could not be applied by boom spray equipment to cover large infested areas. With the support of government agencies and large land holders, Sundew has successfully worked with the APVMA to have this restriction removed from the ANTagonistPRO label.

This now means that ANTagonistPRO can be applied by ground vehicles using boom spray equipment over large areas very quickly and efficiently. The update to the ANTagonistPRO label will allow for greater versatility of application in treating red imported fire ants and will be a welcome upgrade for pest management professionals.

ANTagonistPRO is certified by HACCP International and is also suitable against a range of pests for use in food and beverage facilities. It is available in an easy squeeze chamber pack or 5 L bulk saver jerry can.