MethioSHIELD: The Ultimate Solution for Snails and Slugs

MethioSHIELD is the latest release from Sundew Solutions, a methiocarb-based pellet for controlling slugs and snails.

Sundew Solutions has announced the addition of MethioSHIELD Snail and Slug Bait to its growing range of products. Harnessing the power of its unique active ingredient, methiocarb, MethioSHIELD offers a powerful solution for snail and slug and control.

Available in two commercial sizes – a 10 kg carton or a 150 kg steel drum – this Australian-made solution sets a new standard in snail and slug control. Each pellet is a potent force, capable of eliminating up to 30 snails, making it a highly efficient choice for tackling infestations. With its enduring effectiveness in all weather conditions and rapid action, MethioSHIELD leads the way in snail and slug eradication.


Sundew MethioSHIELD Snail and Slug Bait


Not only does MethioSHIELD excel in performance, but it also boasts additional features that set it apart. Infused with the taste deterrent Bitrex, it ensures that non-target animals are deterred from consuming the bait. Moreover, its mould-resistant properties guarantee longevity and reliability, even in humid environments.

Sporting a distinctive blue colour, MethioSHIELD is easily recognisable, making for easy application. For pest management professionals seeking a comprehensive solution that delivers excellent results, MethioSHIELD Snail and Slug Bait is the ultimate choice to battle these garden nuisances.

Available from Agserv, David Grays, Garrards and Globe Pest Solutions.