Professor Dini Miller

Prof Dini Miller

Professor Dini Miller is one of the leading global researchers in the field of urban entomology and pest management.

Currently, Prof Miller is a Professor of Urban Pest Management at Virginia Tech in the US, where she is particularly active in the university extension programs, developing and evaluation optimal pest management programs, particularly on bed bug and German cockroach infestations.

In addition to her wide ranging research programs, Prof Miller is in high demand as a speaker at entomology and pest control conferences around the globe.

Prof. Dini Miller is a Professor in Urban Entomology at the Virginia Tech, US

Prof. Miller has been a researcher and lecturer in urban entomology for nearly 25 years. Since 2004, her primary research focus has been on IPM methods for the control of bed bug infestations. Her current research projects focus on bed bug biology and control, IPM techniques for the control of other urban pests (particularly cockroaches, ants and termites), and evaluating the cost/benefit analysis of IPM in Virginia public housing.

In addition to her regular invitations to speak at high profile pest control conferences, Prof Miller is engaged in a number of training and education programs. She is a co-instructor for the Urban and Public Health Entomology course at Virginia Tech and is currently implementing a statewide school IPM traing program.


Although Prof. Miller’s knowledge covers the range of urban pests, her particular areas of expertise are bed bugs (biology, behaviour and control), and “her first love”, cockroaches (particularly German cockroaches)!

Prof. Miller has a particular passion for delivering improved pest management programs which reducing insecticide use. Rather than using the term IPM (Integrated Pest Management), Prof. Miller coined the phrase Assessment Based Pest Management (APM) a more accurate description of the process required to deliver superior pest management with reduced pesticide use in the urban environment.


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Florida – Urban Entomology.

Masters of Science, University of Florida – Urban Entomology.

Bachelor of Arts (Geography/Ecosystems), University of California.


Prof. Miller has won a number of awards for her work in urban entomology including the pest control industy’s Crown Leadership Award and various awards for her achievement and excellence in “Extension” – essentially applying the latest knowledge in pest management to the betterment of society.

Prof Miller has published nearly 100 scientific papers on a wide range of urban pests and contributed to numerous books.

With her expertise on bed bugs, Prof Miller edited the recent ‘bible’ on bed bugs…

Advances in the Biology and Management of Modern Bed Bugs

Prof Miller presented at a specical pre-conference event at the inaugural Termite Professional conference and her presentation is summarised in her high profile article in Professional Pest Manager magazine:

Assessment-Base Pest Management and Busting Cockroach Bait Myths