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Gavin Wilson, marketing manager for Liphatech Australia and New Zealand, shares the story of his company’s journey from street cart peddler to multinational rodenticide manufacturer. 

Innovation and technology is what research and development (R&D) companies bring to the pest control industry. It is these technologies and innovations that can bring increased safety to our environment and work practices, can create consistent results and efficiency in our workplace, which increase pest controller profits.

When it comes to innovative rodenticide products, Liphatech are world leaders.

Liphatech is part of the De Sangosse Group (France), which has invested heavily in bait formulations for the last 30 years. Research and development, manufacture and commercialisation of innovative rodent control products are Liphatech’s specialist activities. Our modern, state of the art manufacturing facilities are located in Agen, France and Milwaukee, USA.

Originally Liphatech (known back then as Lipha) was a pharmaceutical company focusing on anticoagulants for the treatment of heart patients.

It was only in the 1960s with the discovery of their first active ingredient, chlorophacinone – the first anticoagulant molecule dedicated to rodent control – that Liphatech focused on rodent control technologies.

For the next 50 years Liphatech discovered and developed three active ingredients and new bait matrices to change the rodenticide landscape.

Liphatech De Sangosse manufacturing facility

The Liphatech development timeline

Early 1960s – chlorophacinone. A multi-feed rodenticide that began to replace warfarin.

Early 1970s – bromadiolone. The first single feed rodenticide active ingredient was developed.

Late 1980s – difethialone. Still today, the newest single feed rodenticide available in the global market.

Generation FirstStrike soft bait technology was launched in US and Europe in 2009 and Australia and New Zealand in 2013.

The local Liphatech business in Australia and New Zealand commenced operations in 2005. Initially Liphatech launched with Maki Original Block (bromadiolone) and the Aegis range of rat and mice bait stations. Over the past 12 years Liphatech has grown to provide the Australian pest control industry a range of innovative rodent control solutions.

By working closely with the market and taking on board pest managers’ feedback, Liphatech launched Maki Wrapped & Aegis Trap to fill existing gaps in the Australian market. Maki Wrapped (bromadiolone) was launched in Australia in 2009 to help pest managers improve their rodent control program on sites with high pressure of other pests like slugs, snails or insects.

The other key products in the Liphatech range include Generation Block, which was launched in Australia in 2010, followed by Liphatech’s most palatable rodenticide, Generation FirstStrike (soft bait). Both products use difethialone, the most recent single feed rodenticide launched globally.

With our research and manufacturing focused on rodenticides and the years of experience in the field, our customers can have the confidence that Liphatech deliver top quality, innovative rodenticides to the market. We understand that delivering consistent, high levels of control in the field is the key for pest managers to exceed their customer expectations, a key step in developing long-term client relationships and building a successful brand for your business. Liphatech are here to provide the products and support to help you grow.

Gavin Wilson, Technical and Marketing Manager Australia and New Zealand, Liphatech