JH Envirtech has seen its market share steadily increasing over the past five years as pest managers discover more about this relatively new player on the market. 

It has been a steady road for JH Envirtech and Agserv since the JH Termite Barrier System was introduced into the Australian sheet barrier market five years ago.

According to Clyde Freeman, technical consultant for JH Envirtech, the constant development and refining of the sheet material, particularly the development of pre-moulded corners (main picture, above) for speed and accuracy of installation, has led to an increase in market share.

“JH accredited installers appreciate that JH Termite Barrier is quality assured and easy to install,” said Mr Freeman.

The JH Termite Barrier consists of a deltamethrin-impregnated geosynthetic blanket laminated top and bottom with a high impact polyurethane membrane, providing a combined physical/chemical termite barrier and damp proof course. In addition to the pre-moulded corners, moulded JH Hard Collars, which meet AS.3660.1.2014 requirements, are the company’s most recent addition to the range.

Moulded JH Hard Collars are new to the pre-construction market

Neil Gemeri of Termiforce in Caboolture, QLD, has used the JH Termite Barrier for the past four years. He has been impressed with the positive changes that have occurred to the sheet material over this time.

“The sheet thickness improvements have made the installation process much easier for brick up in fill slabs,” Mr Gemeri said. “The consistency and straightness of the product when rolling it out on the slab allows easy alignment with the outer edge of the brickwork. All in all, it’s a good product at a competitive price.”

JH Envirtech believes providing technical support to installers such as Mr Gemeri is a top priority in order to allow them the easy transition from estimating for the varying building design (both domestic and commercial) through to final sheet size selection. Tech support is also on hand to answer any certifier queries that may arise.

The product, which has CodeMark certification (CM20096) and APVMA approval, is also considered environmentally sound due to the deltamethrin being contained within the barrier to prevent leaching. This has allowed JH Envirtech to be listed as an Ecospecifier and HIA GreenSmart Partner. As a GreenSmart Partner, JH Envirtech is one of several national product suppliers that delivers sustainable products for the housing industry and supports one of Australia’s first professional green building initiatives.

The barrier has also been designed to last and comes with a tested 50-year life expectancy and 50-year warranty (terms and conditions apply) when installed by JH accredited installers.

Professional pest managers are invited to join the growing number of JH Termite Barrier installers across the country. Accredited installers receive support from highly experienced staff who have excellent building, pre-construction and training know-how.

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