Learn how Weepa Termite Protectors can be used to prevent termites entering unprotected weep holes, augmented the protection provided by other termite management systems.

Of course, when it comes to termiticide soil treatments, pest managers know the application of chemical creates a treated zone rather than a ‘barrier’. But, in the mind of most customers, they still view the treatment as a termite barrier. However, they cannot see the barrier and in brick homes, there are still very visible weep holes that act as unprotected termite entry points into their home. There is no visible evidence that a barrier is present or that it is working.

Weepa has created the Termite Protector, a simple, patented insert that not only prevents termite entry through weep holes, but also provides homeowners with a strong visual reminder that their home is protected, giving them that all-important peace of mind.

The Weepa Termite Protector is a bifenthrin-impregnated, polymer insert that can be placed inside a weep hole in seconds. Trials have shown that the Weepa Termite Protector prevents entry through weep holes from a wide range of termite species for up to two years.

Weepa Termite Protector being installed
The Termite Protector can be inserted in seconds
Termite Protector in weep hole
The Termite Protector provides protection from termite entry for up to 2 years

Extensive trialling in the Northern Territory, primarily targeting Coptotermes, Mastotermes and Heterotermes, was carried out by the Australian Forest Research company. Custom-designed testing units were placed in high termite pressure situations. The units consisted of stainless steel on all sides but one, which was built of brick and mortar with a single weep hole. This was the only entry point for termites to access the inside chamber containing attractive wood types.

This inner chamber sat inside a large stainless steel box, also containing wood, to which termites could easily enter. This allowed the level of termite pressure on the weep hole to be assessed.

The Weepa Termite Protector trial set up
The two components of the test system: the box with the weep hole entry actually sits inside the larger stainless steel box. Wood is placed both inside the larger chamber and inside the smaller weep hole-protected chamber to assess general termite activity and whether they can enter through the weep hole

Weep holes protected by polymer inserts lacking in bifenthrin were readily attacked – the termites chewed through the polymer to gain access to the inside chamber and consume the wood. In contrast, all the Weepa Termite Protectors containing bifenthrin remained intact, preventing all species of termites accessing the chamber.

Weepa trial unit with unprotected weep hole
Termites readily access the inner chamber of the test setup through unprotected weep holes
Wood damage level in unprotected and protected weep holes
An example of the wood damage that occurred through unprotected weep holes (left) and protected weep holes (right)

Although these trials demonstrated that the Weepa Protector still delivers protection from Mastotermes, knowing the voracious nature of Mastotermes, Weepa has decided to take a cautious approach and has not registered the product for areas north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Weepa Protectors can be used in conjunction with baiting systems or liquid soil treatments, to complete the termite management system. Having termites enter via a weep hole is not considered a concealed entry, however the entry of termites through a weep hole between one inspection and the next could still cause significant damage. It shouldn’t be assumed that homeowners would spot a mud tube entering a weep hole (most are not that observant) and of course many weep holes will be hiding behind plants and other obstructions. The safest option is to protect the weep hole.
With the Termite Protector lasting up to two years, old protectors can be easily swapped out during a termite inspection to ensure continued protection.

If so desired, the Termite Protector can be installed in conjunction with the stainless steel Weepa Protector for protection from a broader range of pests, including vertebrate pests such as mice. The Termite Protector from Weepa not only works with the liquid soil treatment or baiting system to deliver a complete termite ‘barrier’, it provides that all important visual reminder to customers that a termite management system is in place and their home is protected.

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