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Termguard reticulation systems have been protecting Australian homes for over 30 years. 

Termguard has been providing cost effective, safe and reliable termite management solutions since 1986. These solutions have since expanded into the USA and Asia in 2002 and 2003, respectively, safeguarding over 220,000 buildings.

Termguard systems are custom designed, reticulated, replenishable systems to provide cost effective, safe and reliable termite management programs. All Termguard reticulation systems and products are designed to provide customers with termite-free peace of mind, as they are:

  • Codemark certified and/or CSIRO appraised
  • Covered by an industry-leading 50 year warranty
  • Suitable for both pre and post construction installations
  • Target termites at direct source of entry
  • Eliminates exposure and disruption to household members
  • Periodically replenishable
  • Eliminate chemical drift and site disruption
  • Environmentally friendly.

Termites have been around for over 240 million years, constantly adapting to changing environments and are known to destroy home and building constructions within three months of entry. Subterranean termites are by far the most destructive timber pest in the world and are responsible for causing the greatest economic losses of timber in Australia.

Each year, the subterranean termite is accountable for causing more damage to Australian homes and commercial properties than fires, storms, floods and earthquakes combined. In fact, data compiled by State Forest show one in every five homes is attacked by termites and cause an estimated $200 million worth of damage each year to houses in Australia (CSIRO).

The presence of these silent invaders often goes undetected until the damage is done. Though a severe problem in Australia, most building owners discover that termite damage is not even covered by most insurance policies.

Termguard’s reticulation system is your inexpensive preventative method in comparison to the cure after the damage has been done.

Termguard reticulation systems have been extensively tested and successfully used over the past two decades and have been specifically designed to offer a long-term termite management and damage prevention system. Once the system has been installed under and around the building, it is inaccessible to avoid problems associated with termiticide drift and exposure.

The Perimeter Retreatment and Armoured Shield Penetration System. The armoured shields protect slab service penetrations, while the Termguard Perimeter Retreatment System protects the perimeter of the structure

Continual development

Due to the banning of organochlorines and the subsequent introduction of environmentally friendly termite control agents in 1995, Termguard developed a range of reticulation methods to meet the evolving requirements of the building industry. All systems are patent protected and can be modified to suit individual building needs. The two key systems available to builders are fully installed, injected with termiticide and warranted for the life of the building.

Perimeter retreatment and armoured shield system

The Perimeter Retreatment and Armoured Shield Penetration System provides a cost effective option for builders and building owners. The armoured shields protect slab service penetrations, while the Termguard Perimeter Retreatment System protects the perimeter of the structure.

Perimeter and penetrations retreatment system

The Perimeter and Penetrations Retreatment System is technically proven and complies with the Building Codes Board through ABCB Certification. The system provides an effective pre-treatment and replenishable termite management system around the perimeter of the structure plus all the services penetrations of monolithic, infill/ footing or suspended slab designs.

For a simple and effective termite protection solution, contact your local Termguard representative.