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Pestbusters, a successful QLD pest operation, has used the Sherwood Chemicals product range for many years. Below, father and son team Peter and Mark Hayman explain why. 

Peter Hayman established and grew Pestbusters into one of the largest privately owned pest management companies in Queensland – with over 30 technicians – before it was sold in 2007.

“It is fair to say that I have used and experimented with a wide range of products in order to drive value for the business and our customers. We have trialled and used the original brands as well as the cheaper generics. In my experience though, we found that the consistent quality of the original brands delivered the most value and reliability for our business, particular as we specialised in termite management,” said Mr Hayman.

In recent years Mr Hayman joined his son Mark Hayman who established Accurate Pest Management in 2007 on the Sunshine Coast. The business has grown rapidly and now employs ten technicians ((pictured above).

“Our business growth is driven by our reputation and the quality of our service. This means we need to trust the products we use. In 2013 during a family trip to Thailand we had the opportunity to visit the formulation facilities of Sherwood Chemicals. At the time we had not heard of Sherwood and had little expectation as to what we would see. In the past we had been burnt by the temptation to use cheaper generics, with callbacks far outweighing the cost savings,” said Mark Hayman.

“What Peter and I saw completely blew us away. Sherwood Chemicals has clearly differentiated itself as a specialist formulator. They offer a complete commitment to research and development on formulation chemistry and supply with strict standards ensuring consistent quality.

“With a genuine professional team of chemists, chemical engineers and entomologists it was clear that the product formulation chemistry was world class and that the management of Sherwood were genuinely interested in listening to what we required for our business.”

For Peter Hayman and his son Mark, this was refreshing to say the least, and contrasted with their experience of the complacency displayed by some of the larger companies. It was also reassuring for them to know that Sherwood was clearly investing in Australia and had a pipeline of new formulations for the Australian market that are convenient and cost effective.

Mark Hayman continued, “After visiting the factory and speaking directly with Sherwood’s chemists, we now understand how to evaluate and distinguish between product qualities. I can confidently say that Fipforce Aqua did not disappoint in the way it mixed in the tank.

“As part of our trial application we applied over 1000 litres of Fipforce Aqua. We can confidently confirm that there was no stripping out of the active, either in the formulation or in the tank mix, nor any build-up of sedimentation in our inline filters.

“Since July 2013 we have used Fipforce Aqua as our core termiticide product and together with our technicians have been very happy with the consistency of supply and the results. With the confidence we have in Sherwood, not just for the consistent quality offered, but also for the outstanding technical and marketing support, we now use their full range of termite management products.

“In our opinion, Fipforce Aqua is definitely the equivalent of the standard if not better than the original brand. This has translated into great value for our business!”

With a reputation for quality and accountability, Accurate Pest Management Gold Coast, established by Chris and Kristy Sands in 2008, have been most impressed with the technical and professional support provided by Sherwood Chemicals.

The Accurate Pest Management Gold Coast team, have been impressed with the technical and professional support provided by Sherwood Chemicals

“I had implemented the use of Biforce 100SC, and then the Delforce insecticides, based on our data from two seasons of general pest comparisons with the more established insecticides. I was pleasantly surprised to find our own statistics exceeding our previous results with the established products we had been paying a premium for,” said Mr Sands.

“Once I had these results tabled, I then looked to Fipforce Aqua for our own trials in termite treatment. Again, our results were consistent with that of the major termiticide manufacturers. In addition, the support and technical data provided to us by John Ralph of Sherwood Chemicals exceeded my expectations. The approachable nature of the support he and his team provided us over the last three years, and the quality of the product supplied, was second to none.

“The level of professionalism with their technical support and test data, combined with the cost savings we have made in switching to Sherwood products has become a defining point in our business. I know their products work as well as any in the Australian market. With our volumes increasing with the growth of our business, the results speak for themselves.”

Mr Sands added, “For me, it’s now a simple decision based on results and cost savings, and it’s also nice to know your dollars are going to an emerging industry player who is humble enough to value your feedback.”