Al Kellaway, senior recruitment specialist at Agricultural Appointments, outlines the five key reasons why your staff may decide to look elsewhere for a job. 

Working with businesses that supply goods and services into the agricultural industry I find that people leave their jobs for the same recurring reasons. Good staff are hard to find and retain. Being aware of the common causes of staff departure may help you to retain your most valuable staff. The following most common recurring reasons for leaving a job are listed below.

The culture – they don’t get it or like it

This is ‘the way we do things around here’, the team vibe. It is important to find a stimulating company environment that staff can fit into. The culture of the large corporate multinationals is very different to the family owned business.

The direction the business is going

If people don’t agree or can’t identify with your mission statement, strategies for the future and market positioning, then they will look elsewhere. This includes if there is wavering confidence in or respect for the captain of the ship. Amongst other things, senior managers that take the time to have an active interest in communicating personally, one on one at regular intervals with their staff at all levels are highly regarded.

Lack of recognition and reward

It doesn’t have to be much, but it must be genuine – from a simple ‘good job’ pat on the shoulder to a complimentary dinner at a nice restaurant with their partner. If you are not acknowledging your employees’ achievements, they will seek out an employer who will.


Needs to be competitive, however, if candidates come to me and complain of their salary package, then it is an indicator that at least one of the above three reasons is a factor. Best to address the real issue rather than negotiate an inevitable short-term solution.

It’s only a job, not a career path

People are interested in what they will be doing, what they will learn and what they will become. They are happiest when they have a career path mapped out which includes targeted training and development, indicating a clear desire to invest in their talent for the future.

Al Kellaway, Senior Recruitment Specialist, Agricultural Appointments

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