Pest Register is the new software that allows pest managers to get maximum exposure – and potentially new business leads – from their pest and termite inspection work.

For most pest control businesses, their customer list is one of their most valuable assets. Most well run businesses maintain their customer lists to ensure repeat business, but there is actually a lot of hidden data in the information that is ignored; data that can be used to identify new business opportunities. What is this hidden information and how can it be used to drive business growth?

Each termite inspection generates information: Was there damage? Is there activity? What termite species are present? What is the level of infestation? Looking at information for an individual customer isn’t particularly useful on its own, but if you could tap into this data across your whole customer database, it would be possible to analyse for potential patterns, identify termite hot spots and even predict termite infestations. With this extra knowledge, the potential to drive new business would almost be a certainty.

But this type of analysis is complicated and time consuming. Who has the skills or time for such in-depth analysis?

Enter Pest Register – a new business software that’s been designed to help pest control companies analyse their business and generate potential leads.

What is pest register?

Pest Register is an online system that provides pest control companies, connected businesses and the general public, with a pest control information system that connects service providers and customers for the benefit of all.

For pest control companies, it provides a tool to analyse information in their customer database and uses uploads of their latest pest reports to send out alerts to potential customers in their service area.

For the general public, it will alert residents when specified pest activity is found near their registered location. The resident will receive an alert with the relevant pest information and the details of the reporting company, enabling them to contact the pest control business directly for a potential service.

The Pest Register evolved from the Termite Register, which was launched back in September 2016. However, with feedback from customers and utilising completely new and patented software, the new platform has vastly increased functionality. The system includes an upgraded version of the Termite Register, but also allows the recording of other key pests including rodents, birds, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs and more.

The termite register

The improved Termite Register follows the basic principles of the original system, however the user interface, analytics and functionality, have been significantly upgraded.

Pest control companies sign up to Pest Register and enter information from termite inspection reports when they are completed. Information such as level of activity, termite species present and soil type will provide valuable information as the database grows, but the immediate benefit is that when a pest control company enters a report which specifies active termites, members of the public in the surrounding area who have signed up to Pest Register, will get an alert, letting them know that termites are in their area and highlight their risk of infestation. The company contact details will be part of this alert, generating potential new business for the pest control company servicing that area.

Termite report screen

With concerns over data security frequently in the news, Pest Register keeps information confidential and the exact location of the report is never disclosed. However, the pest manager also has control over the details entered – be it full address, only the street information or even just the suburb, although the more details entered, the more detailed the analysis.

The power of the Termite Register is its collation of data from all registered pest control companies to generate a nationwide picture of termite activity for the benefit of the whole pest control industry and associated organisations. Over time, a picture will be generated showing the level of termite activity by area locations, what species are active in which areas and if there is any correlation with soil type and more. Such information is not only useful for pest control companies, but is of interest to researchers and government organisations, as well as the general public.

The new Termite Register system is already live. New companies signing up can now upload up to ten years of previous report data, to give them a flying start and build their analytical dashboard and business insights.

Pest Register is available to view through any browser and the app is available through both Apple Store and Google Play. To sign up, pest managers should visit the website first to register as a professional. Once this is done, they can then use the app or web dashboard to gain access. A range of subscription options are available to pest control companies, although companies can sign up to Pest Register for a free 60-day trial.

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