New from Bell Labs, the Protecta Evo Tunnel is a discreet way to protect rat and mouse traps. 


Bell Laboratories has expanded its rodent control range with the launch of Protecta Evo Tunnel, a versatile and economical way to protect rat traps in the field. The new product can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be secured to fences, pipes, and trees via cable ties both vertically and horizontally. With a low and discreet profile, it also provides tamper-resistant coverage of a variety of rat and mouse traps.

According to Bell Laboratories Asia Pacific business manager, Samuel Wood, the new product has been designed to accommodate two Trapper T-Rex rat snap traps back-to-back, which are held secure in the base of the unit with locking tabs. It can also provide cover for mouse-sized products such as two Trapper Mini-Rex mouse snap traps, two Trapper Mouse glue trays or Trapper Max glue boards. It also opens and locks quickly with Bell’s Evo key, while its stations are stackable for easy handling.


The Protecta Evo Tunnel can be fixed to a variety of locations


“In the commercial pest management sector, the use of rodenticides is becoming more and more restricted by client specifications,” explained Mr Wood. “Non-toxic methods of rodent management are more important than ever, and we’re proud to expand our range of professional rodent control products to reflect that.”

“And because the Evo Tunnel has been designed to combine with the T-Rex rat trap – a trap which is relied upon by pest managers around the world – we believe it will be appreciated by Australia’s professional pest managers. The Evo Tunnel enhances what is already an exceptional product, and also has the versatility to accommodate glue traps where regulations allow. It’s such fantastic value for pest managers.”

The Protecta Evo Tunnel is available from your distributor now.