The Vault Rat Station from Globe Pest Solutions offers flexibility and durability for even the most challenging rat baiting jobs.

As with any rodent control program, bait placement is the key to success. Bait placements may be required on vertical or horizontal surfaces, in the open or in restricted areas, in areas of varying environmental conditions… and the list goes on. Of course, in many situations the use of bait stations is a must and so an array of different bait stations has been developed to allow safe bait placement in the wide variety of locations a pest manager may encounter. However, for day to day pest control, you never know what you may need, so if you only want to carry one bait station in the ute, a versatile bait station is a must.

Globe Pest Solutions has launched the Vault Rat Station, with this flexibility in mind,” said Kevin Parsons, national operations and key account manager, Globe Pest Solutions.

The Vault rat station can be installed vertically or horizontally and the internal arrangement can be altered to make sure the bait stays within the station.

“The Vault station includes a separate bait tray that can be positioned vertically or horizontally to ensure bait remains within the station and can be easily removed for easy servicing and cleaning. It can be used for all types of bait: blocks, soft, liquid and grain baits,” continued Mr Parsons.

As well as being suitable for use with all types of bait, it can also accommodate snap traps.

“Being designed and produced by Bell Labs, pest managers know they are getting a quality product that will last. Once of the benefits of this collaboration with Bell Labs is that the same single-lock key is also compatible with other Bell stations, such as the Shield, Ambush, Landscape and Circuit stations,” said Mr Parsons.

The Vault rat station has received a Tier 1 rating from the US EPA, which means in addition to being weather resistant, it must be child- and dog-resistant. Tier 1 products are tested against 50 children, none of whom must be able to access the bait; the products are also given to 12 dogs for two hours to see if they can open it with their jaws.


The Globe Vault station can be installed vertically or horizontally and the adjustable bait tray ensures bait stays within the station.

“Of course we understand that no rodent station will suit all situations, but we believe the Vault rat station is pretty versatile and high quality product,” concluded Mr Parsons.

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