The Rodent Block that Saves Buckets of Money

Formed in a smaller block size than other baits, Generation Block from Liphatech allows pest managers to make more bait placements per bucket.

With any integrated rodent management plan, pest managers are looking to keep costs down without sacrificing performance. Using the latest single feed anticoagulant, Generation Block from Liphatech delivers rapid knockdown with blocks that are 25% smaller than competitor products, giving pest managers the opportunity to make more placements with less bait.

Generation Block contains the extremely effective active ingredient difethialone, the latest single-feed anticoagulant active ingredient, discovered by Liphatech, which has no known resistance. With 25ppm of active ingredient in each 15g block, it delivers effective, consistent performance in a small, punchy block.

Paul Howey, business owner and professional pest manager (level 3) from JAE, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand has seen success using Generation Block in a number of situations.

“Rotation of chemicals is important in integrated pest management (IPM) services, so I was interested to try Liphatech’s active ingredient difethialone in a block formulation when it was released in New Zealand in April 2018. I first used Generation Block at a few cafes and eatery sites near public spaces and boy did the local rodents love it. Generation was absolutely flying out the stations so much I had to install additional rodent stations to accommodate the demand.”

Generation Block is two times more toxic to mice than bromadiolone, being highly effective against both mice and rats. It is especially efficacious on black rats (Rattus rattus), a widespread rat species in both Australia and New Zealand that is likely to be encountered by pest management professionals.

Mr Howey continued, “Generation Block works great in both commercial and residential service contracts, giving me surety of performance because of its meal appeal and efficacy. The 15g block gives more bait placements over other rodent baits, which enhances my commercial edge.

“Generation Block provides both my customers and I with peace of mind as we know that we have a quality, world-class product in our local market. Generation Block formulation seems to use a small amount of wax compared to other baits, it is a neat, smaller extruded block where you can see the texture that attracts the rodents, and from my experience, they find it extremely palatable.”

While the active ingredient difethialone is highly efficacious on rodents, vitamin K1 is an effective antidote if it accidentally ingested by warm-blooded, non-target species.

Gavin Wilson, Technical and Marketing Manager for Liphatech, said, “Generation Block is a cost-effective choice; pest managers who are contracted to place a specific number of blocks in each bait station on site, or choose to as part of their IPM services, will find they can make more bait placements with these small, competitively priced 15g blocks. More bait placements per bucket puts dollars back into pest managers’ pockets.

“Generation Block is fast acting thanks to its active ingredient, difethialone, which has been proven to be a highly effective way for professional pest managers to control rodents. Rats and mice only need a small dose of Generation Block to receive a lethal amount.”

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